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Delivering remarkable insights into the operations of those at the heart of the global energy industry, over the course of its history Energy, Oil & Gas has featured some of the world’s finest companies. With over 102,000 subscribers, EOG reaches readers all over the globe.

Energy, Oil & Gas magazine (EOG) focuses on the issues that are fundamental to senior executives across the global energy sector and associated industries.

With a highly targeted readership within the oil and gas industry and focusing on industry best practice and trends, Energy, Oil & Gas provides a forum to discuss all aspects of the industry, including renewables (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, wave/tidal) electricity transmission, distribution, and nuclear, alongside traditional coal, oil and gas.

“Energy, Oil & Gas is a passionate group of people who really take their craft to a higher level of customer service and engagement. We were thoroughly impressed with the end product and would recommend them to any other business looking to get their story told in an authentic way.”

Geoff Hager

CEO, Big Elk