A turning tide

In May, the marine energy pioneer became the first firm to successfully deliver floating in-stream tidal power to Canada’s grid, harnessing the enormous tidal currents in Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy.

The firm’s in-stream technology differs from traditional tidal energy systems, including barrages, with the electrical generators installed on floating platforms moored in the tidal stream. This means there is no blockage to the water passage from large, fixed structures, greatly reducing impact to the surrounding environment and marine life.

“We are pleased to be working with Innovasea, SubC Imaging and a number of other Canadian specialists who bring unparalleled knowledge and expertise,” said Sustainable Marine CEO, Jason Hayman. “The work we are undertaking will shed further light on fish behavior by determining the location of tagged fish and their proximity or otherwise to our tidal energy platform. This will all inform ongoing work as we continue building a robust risk assessment methodology to demonstrate the ultra-low environmental impact of our tidal technology.”