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For Aalborg Engineering, product quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance.

The mainstay of the Aalborg Engineering product programme is the ability to customise boiler solutions and meet customer requirements based on proven technology and experience.

Aalborg recognises that various industry segments have different evaluation criteria. Most customers require the highest availability at the lowest cost. This is the challenge that Aalborg has to address when tailoring a solution from its selection of quality boiler designs and engineering auxiliary systems.

Broadly speaking, the company’s package boilers and heat recovery steam generators are based on reliable solutions and it is possible to adapt and implement special features, which are important to the individual customer and his/ her plant.

To provide more detail, a package boiler or industrial boiler is a stand alone application that gets its energy from an integrated burner that, in Aalborg’s design, is fuelled by gas or oil. The package boiler is capable of generating large steam output at a high temperature and pressure, and can operate with variable loads and has a short start up/response time.

There are many appliances for a package boiler; among others, the boiler can be used to generate process steam for industrial or chemical processes, or as power generator in combination with a steam turbine. The package boiler can also be used as a peak load boiler, as a supplement to alternative power/heat or steam supply, or as an emergency generator that kicks in when other supplies fail.

A heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is a boiler that gets energy from a hot gas source. It could be the exhaust gas from a gas turbine, diesel engine or process plant. There are several applications for a HRSG boiler, with the two most common being combined cycle power plant (CCPP) and cogeneration plant.

In a CCPP, everything focuses on electricity production. The boiler is designed to produce steam for a steam turbine. This increases the overall efficiency of the plant. For small to medium size gas turbines the efficiency goes up to approximately 55 per cent. In a cogeneration plant the process are similar to the CCPP but the HRSG has a heat exchange module incorporated that also generates heat. This allows for a much lower final outlet temperature of the exhaust gas, thus increasing the overall efficiency up to and above 90 per cent. The heat generated is commonly used for process heating or district heating/cooling supplying a cheap solution compared to other heating/cooling processes.

It is Aalborg’s philosophy that customers buy solutions, not only products or services. To this end, its SteamGen product range is designed to allow Aalborg Engineering to customise any complete boiler or heat recovery plant with all relevant types of equipment.

In addition, Aalborg Engineering is continuously developing its existing boiler programme. It is working in collaboration with its local university and partners in the boiler business in order to develop new solutions, basic design principles and products. The range currently includes the SteamGen 4 Industrial package boiler, the SteamGen 6 High fired HRSG, the SteamGen 8 HRSG for combined-cycle power plant and the SteamGen 10 HRSG for industrial process gas auxiliary systems. Each individual boiler design is unique in its own way and offers customers the level of customisation, know-how, flexibility, efficiency, environmental protection, installation, operation and maintenance required for their plant.

Energy generators have to be based on reliable solutions. Each individual Aalborg boiler design is unique and offers the level of customisation, efficiency, environmental protection, operation and maintenance required for an individual plant.

Aalborg Engineering also recognises that purchasing a new boiler plant is considered a lifetime investment. Therefore, the company’s objective is to become a lifetime partner for customised boiler plants with its customers. Essentially, this partnership philosophy is all about trust. With company values such as credibility and professionalism, Aalborg endeavours to secure reliable consultancy for its customers, which will enable the organisation to continue expanding its principles of partnership in the future.

This dedication to partnership means that Aalborg works to ensure the success and profitability of its customers’ projects, by providing highly efficient, reliable and competitive energy solutions within the agreed time of delivery.

Proximity to customers and markets optimisation of know-how and experience, proven technology, excellent business practices, long term co-operation with pre-selected and well-known suppliers, are additionally all important aspects of this partnership philosophy.

Although its reputation for excellence is already established on the market, Aalborg is still dedicated to meeting new clients and showing the industry what it can achieve. To this end, the company is exhibiting at the 16th ICCI Conference and Exhibition on the 12-14 May 2010, in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference and exhibition, which has been successfully held since 1994, is regularly attended by approximately 5000 local and foreign participants, and will present a general outlook on the energy sector worldwide and in Turkey, and accordingly, issues such as liberalisation and re-structuring in energy, offer and demand projections, EU energy policies, as well as technical matters such as cogeneration, high efficiency energy generation technologies, energy plant operations, renewable energy, waste management, recycling systems and environmental technologies will be dealt with both on a national and international scale. Aalborg Engineering is sure to use this event to highlight its innovative and forward thinking approach, and reach even more clients in both Turkey and across the rest of the world.

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