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Founded in 2004, as a pump rental company focused on providing support to those within the pipeline industry, ACTION International has since grown into one of the foremost providers of pump related solutions.

Headquartered in Dubai, the company today maintains a fleet of more than 4000 assets located across the Gulf region, supported by over 700 technically trained personnel.

A customer orientated, ISO certified company providing engineered solutions in the field of ground water control, industrial services, specialised equipment rental, piling and ground engineering works, ACTION International has the ability to provide superior cost effective solutions that meet customers’ budgets and timelines.

“Focusing heavily on the pipeline, infrastructure, EPC and shutdown markets, the company’s clients are typically international EPC contractors, pipeline service contractors and shutdown service contractors,” explains Padraig Nagle, managing director of ACTION International. “In addition to offering rental solutions, the company also provides engineering solutions to complex applications that come with a high degree of associated risk. Such solutions often require substantial engineering, design and project execution making them contracts in their own right.”

Whereas most rental companies offer basic pump rentals and are good providers of pumps for everyday dewatering and standard applications, ACTION International is a specialist pump solutions provider that targets applications that require higher capabilities and technical support. Action invests in the continuous development of its staff to ensure they are fully qualified to engage with clients in the selection process.

ACTION International possesses three niche product lines that target different stages of the infrastructure and EPC construction phases: “Whereas the company’s sheet-piling and construction dewatering services are typically used in early stage EPC and underground infrastructure projects, it also offers specialist equipment on a rental and turnkey contract basis,” Padraig continues. “This includes a broad range of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, filtration, air compressors, dryers and their related applications. What its clients typically find is that ACTION International remains involved with them throughout the entire life cycle of the project.”

One of the things the company is experiencing more and more is an increasing demand for high-pressure pumps capable of large flows, particularly within the water injection market. In addition, it is also experiencing higher demand for purpose built pumps, sized and customised around the unique needs of the client.

“Over the course of the last several years the supply chain has undergone a number of developments to become more competent,” Padraig says. “This has resulted in contractors now having greater confidence in awarding and managing package contracts as opposed to attempting to undertake these activities themselves. This in turn reduces the need for contractors to tie up capital in expensive non-core assets, thus generating huge opportunities for turn-key contractors like ACTION International.”

Much of the focus of ACTION International’s business today is centered on large, powerful pumps that are used in industrial and energy applications where the need for quality, well maintained, certified equipment is a vital pre-requisite: “Lately the company has added to the range of pumps that it stocks, adding a fleet of large volume, electrical, submersible and hydraulic pumps,” Padraig highlights.

“Furthermore, it has expanded its range of Godwin centrifugal high flow and high head pumps, as well as introducing new additions to its high pressure and ultra-high pressure ranges. Each range is in turn supported by an array of accessories that complement the pumps the company carries to ensure it always meets its customers’ demands.”

Among the many contracts that ACTION International has recently completed, or is currently undertaking, is a programme of major hydro-test works in Fujairah on behalf of a number of companies: “This represents a major market for the company and as such it has built up a significant order book for up-and-coming hydro-test work in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia,” Padraig enthuses. In addition, the business is also working on a major water-winning project in Abu Dhabi for the supply of water to offshore drilling rigs.

“At present, the company is working hard to develop a $7 million, 25,000 square metre purpose built facility in the Mafraq industrial zone, in Abu Dhabi, to cater to both the local and regional oil and gas market. This facility will ultimately enhance ACTION International’s ability to build and maintain bespoke pumps on behalf of its clients.”

With business conditions remaining difficult, ACTION International recognises that its customers’ requirements are changing and that opportunities for growth lie in its ability to adapt to these changes. Given its regional expansion, the company also faces challenges when it comes to the recruitment and training of competent engineers and technicians that help ensure it is able to maintain the consistency of its service offering.

“Following the effects of the financial downturn experienced across the globe in the wake of the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009, the company has endeavored to diversify geographically. This approach has brought it to a point where it can now be found operating in Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and, most recently, Saudi Arabia. In each country the company is extremely enthusiastic about the feedback it has received and will now push ahead by investing increasingly more resources into said operations in the years to come,” Padraig concludes.

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