Advanced Power Solutions Expands Portfolio with Blaupunkt Batteries

Advanced Power Solutions (APS), a prominent supplier of mobile energy solutions, has recently expanded its product portfolio to include Blaupunkt batteries. With a century of industry expertise, Blaupunkt’s addition to APS’s existing lineup of renowned brands such as Panasonic and eneloop signifies a strategic move to enhance its battery offerings, particularly for uninterrupted power supply in low- to high-drain devices. The partnership aims to address growing consumer demand for reliable and affordable power solutions in the mobile energy market.

Strategic Expansion and Market Challenges

The integration of Blaupunkt into APS’s brand portfolio is a strategic expansion that strengthens APS’s market position. Blaupunkt’s reputation for delivering optimal performance at competitive prices makes it a valuable asset for APS. The German brand’s commitment to providing uninterrupted power supply, especially for high-drain devices like cameras, drones, and gaming controllers, aligns perfectly with APS’s mission to enhance the daily lives of consumers.

Izabela Blaszczyk-Janicka, Marketing Director at APS, highlighted the importance of ease and reliability in battery selection: “We think choosing batteries should be easy – no need to compromise between performance and price. Batteries should just work, letting people enjoy what they love without worrying about a dead battery, even with power-hungry high-drain devices.”

Navigating the mobile energy sector is a daunting task for consumers, given the overwhelming number of brands and battery types available. Each brand offers a range of batteries that vary in performance and price, leading to confusion and often resulting in consumers purchasing batteries unsuitable for their devices. This mismatch leads to performance issues, reduced lifespan, and even leakage. According to Blaszczyk-Janicka, this happens due to two main reasons: using the wrong battery type and overall quality.

Blaupunkt’s Innovative Solutions

Blaupunkt tackles these challenges head-on by offering a simplified battery range, tailored to specific use cases:

  • Lithium Ultimate: Designed for high-drain devices such as professional cameras and Internet of Things devices, this lineup ensures uninterrupted power supply for the most demanding electronics.
  • Alkaline Premium: Ideal for mid- to high-drain devices like game controllers and remote controllers, these batteries deliver consistent performance.
  • Alkaline Power: Suited for low-drain devices such as clocks and flashlights, this range provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for everyday electronics.

Blaupunkt also offers specialty batteries and rechargeable options to cater to dedicated devices and environmentally conscious consumers. Their tailored battery chargers complement the rechargeable lineup, offering solutions for both light and heavy use.

APS prioritizes quality and reliability in its product range. Extensive testing of Blaupunkt batteries ensures they meet stringent performance criteria, offering consumers peace of mind. Blaupunkt’s power banks exemplify this commitment to quality, featuring built-in safety measures that protect against short circuits, overcharging, high voltage, and overheating. These features ensure secure charging for both the hardware and software components of devices, further solidifying Blaupunkt’s reputation for excellence.

Blaupunkt’s century-long journey in power solutions has earned it a trusted reputation, symbolized by its iconic blue dot. As the brand nears its 100th anniversary, its integration into APS’s offerings marks a significant milestone in APS’s mission to provide easy, safe, and sustainable mobile energy solutions. With its focus on quality, clarity, and innovation, Blaupunkt is set to become a cornerstone in APS’s quest to improve consumers’ daily lives and pave the way for future developments in the battery industry.


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