AEG Power Solutions

More than a century of excellence

AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) is a global provider of premium power electronics.

It offers one of the world’s most comprehensive product and service portfolios in power conversion and control, for customers spanning the infrastructure markets of energy, telecom, lighting, transportation and general industrial sectors.

AEG Power Solutions covers the complete oil and gas value chain upstream, mid-stream and down-stream, in applications such as:

  • Navigational aids
  • Heli-deck lighting
  • Emergency lighting gas detection systems
  • ESD systems
  • Fire fighting
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Radio & telecommunications
  • Data processing
  • Signaling
  • Instrumentation & process controlv
  • Gas turbine control
  • Switchgear tripping
  • Motor starting
  • Lube-oil pump supply
  • Power generation, transmission and distribution
  • AEG PS’ clients are able to grow their business, large or small, where availability is secured. They accomplish this without worrying about electrical energy supply and sacrificing their limited workspace.As a result of these characteristics of its offering, green user-friendly power back up solutions with high power density and extraordinary performance, users will be able to lower amongst others their electricity, cooling, space and maintenance costs, resulting in a high quality easy to maintain, easy to expand, high efficient redundant power back-up solution.System solutions from AEG PS are designed to interface with the electrical power grid and to offer power solutions for mission-critical applications in harsh environments, such as power plants, offshore oil rigs, chemical refineries, and utility-scale renewable energy plants. The company has developed a full range of products for the solar energy industry, from solar inverters to turnkey solutions and is investing in solutions that will enable distributed power generation and smart micro-grids. Headquartered near Amsterdam, AEG PS generated revenues of 400 million euros in 2009 and has more than 1500 employees around the world.Since the creation of AEG in 1887, it has established a continuous track record for serving customers with rugged, reliable systems and solutions. From the introduction of the world’s first single-phase and three-phase thyristor AC converters during the 1960s through the launch of the revolutionary Protect family of modular, redundant and scalable rectifier systems for industrial applications in 2008, AEG Power Solutions has demonstrated its ability to establish the industry benchmark for power solutions engineering.In the area of oil and gas, AEG PS has been providing robust and rugged power in a wide variety of oil and gas applications for over 60 years. In this sector the company offers a comprehensive range of world class AC and DC power protection and control products with more than a 20 year lifetime delivering the industry leading availability customers need to protect their production processes, ensuring optimal uptime, maximum return on their investment and reduced lifetime costs.

    An impressive number of leading oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industry clients already rely on solutions from AEG PS. This blue-chip client list includes Total, Saudi Aramco, Shell, BP, Wintershall (BASF), Gazprom, ExxonMobil and Qatar Petroleum. These companies (and many others) utilise solutions from AEG PS on their exploration and production rigs and platforms, FPSOs, marine transportation, pipelines, processing and storage facilities, GTL facilities, LNG facilities, refineries and chemical plants.

    As you would expect from an organisation whose clients frequently work in remote, harsh environments, AEG PS has a strong commitment towards safety and works in accordance with best practices in safety management in the execution of hazardous work. Accustomed to tough oil and gas industry conditions, AEG PS’ experienced experts are able to fit right in alongside clients’ own field personnel in even the most dangerous environments.

    In fact, all of its solutions are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent international safety and EMC standards. From circuit analysis to pre and post-qualification EMC testing, AEG PS applies the latest automated tools and techniques to continuously improve product quality and reliability.

    Another major benefit of working with AEG PS is the support it can offer throughout the whole project life cycle – including preparation of specifications (front end engineering & detailed design), product delivery, installation, testing and commissioning, after sales service and maintenance.

    From preliminary engineering studies through product retirement, AEG PS’ specialists partner with customers to ensure they receive the service and support needed on a 24/7 basis. Its engineers are ready to handle a full range of product and site services, onshore and offshore, anywhere worldwide. Furthermore, to ensure that its customers receive only the most professional and beneficial service, AEG PS has developed a unique, dedicated Commercial Project Management office to specifically assist with the delivery of technically and commercially viable power infrastructure solutions. This enables multi-level, functionally matched contact between its customers and the company, whilst maintaining a single point of co-ordination on both sides, resulting in more responsive and robust project execution.

    All renowned for engineering excellence, the range of solutions available includes

  • Combined AC and DC power solutions – AEG PS designs, engineers and installs combined solutions for a broad variety of customers to help keep their businesses running smoothly.
    UPS systems – The company’s UPS solutions provide up to 99.999 per cent availability for mission-critical equipment for industry, power generation, oil & gas platforms and facilities, transport and data centres.
  • Industrial chargers and DC Power systems – Ready to meet the toughest challenges in oil and gas, utilities, and transport applications, this robust range features built-in communications for cost-effective network integration and remote monitoring.
  • Power controllers and soft starters – Precision-engineered to switch, control and regulate, the AEG Power Solutions Thyro-Family is made for heavy industrial applications in ovens, automotive, glass and chemical industry applications, steel production, conveyor lines, cooling equipment, and pumps.
  • Supporting this world-class range of products is AEG PS’ commitment to design, which is where the company believes world-class quality begins. Its design & test expertise is a major reassurance to its customers – testing for seismic excitation provides an example of how customers benefit from the AEG PS design and test expertise. By subjecting its units to simulated seismic events, it is able to measure stress and potential weak points. The results are then fed back into the product design process, to ensure that the power protection systems meet or surpass specified seismic characteristics.
    Advanced research and development, qualification manufacturing and process testing underpins the AEG PS commitment to total quality. In addition to applying preferred practices and design guidelines, AEG PS on-line Quality Information System helps track test data and conduct on-going yield analyses, resulting in continuous improvement by product and process engineering teams.The Quality Management module of its corporate information systems SAP enables it to monitor and guarantee quality in procurement and production throughout the product life cycle. What is more, a supplier measurement system ensures ISO standard performance of suppliers and sites worldwide.After a successful launch of Combination Architecture in another segment, this concept is now available to be introduced in the oil and gas market.
    Combination Architecture is the integration of renewable and alternative energy sources into power systems to compensate for efficiency losses and/or reduce carbon footprint: a way to leverage the carbon reduction virtues of renewable and alternative energy sources and apply them, pragmatically in existing and legacy oil and gas power applications.With AEG Power Solutions, customers have total access to a comprehensive, world-class portfolio of power supply products and solutions, decades of experience and unsurpassed know-how and technical expertise. AEG PS is proud to work closely with its clients; in order to completely satisfy their particular needs, wherever they do business.Whether you are an oil company, a project management consultant, or an engineering and construction services provider, it is important you are able to talk to a power protection company that is equipped to deal with large international engineering projects and understands that safety, risk management, business continuity and operational excellence are at the forefront of your business.

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