AESA Infraestructura y Minería

AESA is well-known throughout Peru for its expertise in mining management. The company specializes in providing services in exploration, development and preparation of oil fields, as well as the management of mining operations. With important clients – which include Barbastro, Minsur, Raura Mining Company, Volcan, Minera Aurífera Retamas and Glencore – AESA’s mission is to meet its customers’ service requirements with quality and excellence, garnering their complete satisfaction.

Now is the opportune time, and Peru is the ideal place, for AESA and other companies that support the mining industry. The country currently has many large projects in place and has jumped ahead of other nations in terms of natural reserves. It will be interesting to see how AESA performs in this market.

For a long time, Peru has been an international leader in the production of various minerals. However, now things are looking better than ever. According to Jorge Merino Tafur (Peru’s minister for energy and mines until February of 2014), Peru holds 22 percent of the world’s silver reserves, 13 percent of copper, 9 percent of lead, 7.6 percent of zinc, 6 percent of tin and 4 percent of gold.

The current minister, Eleodoro Mayorga Alba, recently said that Peru is on the road to doubling its current copper production by 2016, therefore taking back its second-place ranking among the largest industrial metal producers in the world. The total production for the country will reach 2.8 million tons in 2016, compared to 1.4 million tons in 2013.

Honest Company
AESA strives to be the best company in Peru offering specialty services in mining and infrastructure. To reach this goal, the company centers itself on important values in its actions and interactions within each of the company’s departments. It also belongs to the accredited Peruvian business conglomerate Breca, which consists of, and is supported by, the behavior of its companies and the conduct of every one of its members.

As a member of Breca, AESA is committed to following a corporate code of ethics and conduct. This code is designed to regulate performance in different situations employees may face in their daily work. The company is especially committed to maintaining values of integrity, commitment, excellence and respect.

corporate culture
AESA affirms that it is “invincible” as an ambassador of company values, and notes the importance of four values in particular:

+ Integrity: Act in an honest, compassionate and transparent manner.
+ Excellence: Do things undeniably well.
+ Commitment: Take ownership of challenges.
+ Respect: Value and listen to opinions.
In its comprehensive management of mining operations, AESA follows these four principles from beginning to end. The “value chain” begins with the staff selection and hiring process, and is carried all the way through to quality control aspects of each project. The company also affirms that whether the geomechanics require horizontal or vertical work, or a job calls for active or passive support, it meets the operational and security needs within the agreed timelines and standards.

It’s good to work at AESA, where the values are not only extended to external clients, but make up the dynamics within the company, as well. Its leaders understand the importance of bringing in and retaining the talent for the company’s overall success, and the highest-performing staff members, who contribute to the growth of the organization, receive recognition and incentives. Workers are given continuous feedback on their work, generating concrete action plans, as well as secure and operational excellence.

AESA workers enjoy valuable benefits through two programs: the “Collaborator Program” and the “Laborer Program.” The collaborator program includes workshops on integration, supervising skills, time management, management indicators and also offers talent development through the “Growing” program. The program for laborers includes an operator’s certificate, ongoing training and various celebrations.