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Apex Tubulars is a stockist and distributor of downhole casing, tubing and associated accessories (Oil Country Tubular Goods – OCTG) based in Aberdeen, Scotland, originally established in 1984.

During the last 28 years Apex Tubulars has developed a specialism in the supply, from stock, of higher-grade materials, including L80, C95, T95, P110, sour service, chrome, and high chrome casings and tubing; in addition to this Apex Tubulars also offers a wide range of accessories and related products, including being a UK licensed distributor of HP Well Screen filtration screens, and until 2011 provided pipe inspection services as well. Its customers include oil and gas majors in both the offshore and onshore oil and gas sectors across the world.

Headquartered in one of Europe’s busiest oil and gas hubs, Apex Tubulars has forged relationships with many international companies, and prides itself on providing a top quality service and product, on time, every time. In 2012 the company announced that it had signed a new funding agreement, to push further its presence abroad, with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). The agreement, which saw the pipe supplier receive $5 million, was signed at the beginning of the year and by the time of its announcement in April had already led to the signing of contracts valued in excess of $15 million in the Middle East and Australia.

The investments have followed a restructuring the company underwent during 2011. In the RBS investment press release sales manager and director, Ronnie Grant explained: “Since selling off the service side of Apex in June last year to Broadcairn, which now operates under the name of Cairntoul, the business has been able to refocus and concentrate on investing in and selling premium gas tight casing and tubing. The additional RBS funding has allowed Apex to buy more product and trade more casing and tubing at a time when the market demand for the product has increased, thus helping the business grow further. The company wants to continue getting its name out there in the marketplace, building its reputation on delivering a quality service and product, globally.”

Apart from its core business of high-grade/high quality casings and tubing, Apex Tubulars also stocks a wide range of accessories such as pup joints, x-overs, and couplings at its warehouse in Aberdeen. The company also offers high quality gas tight connection landing strings as part of its comprehensive drilling support solution. Its products can be supplied individually or as part of a package tailored to meet the customer’s application requirements. To complete its offering, Apex Tubulars also distributes wedge wire screen filtration products manufactured by HP Well Screen. Options include wire wrapped screens, premium metal mesh screens, premium laminated mesh screens, pre-packaged screens and slotted liners, as well as water and oil swellable isolation seals and adjustable inflow control devices. As a leading industrial filtration brand, HP Well Screen perfectly complements Apex Tubulars’ range.

Though a major player on the international market, Apex Tubulars continues to support its hometown of Aberdeen through a number of sponsorship schemes for sporting figures and charities. Past and present sponsorship deals include Aberdeen Football Club (main sponsor for seasons 2007/08), Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Evo, Gineta and Mini race cars, local boxer and former world champion, Lee McAllister, locals kids sports teams and local charities, such as CLAN and Cash for Kids.

Today, Apex Tubulars has a $45 million annual turnover, meaning it is already in a strong financial position, a fast expanding market and new customers looks certain to allow for continued growth. Australia, the Middle East and South America in particular are fast growing markets that will require a good supply of drilling and well equipment. With its inventory of premium stock and excellent reputation on the international stage, there are plenty of opportunities for the company to maintain its position as a leading name in the supply of OCTG and associated equipment from stock.

Apex Tubulars
Products: Gas tight tubing and casings