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ARCA Regler can track its history back over 90 years ago when, in 1917 Ragnar Carlstedt filed a patent for the nozzle-flapper system, which represented a major breakthrough at the time and is still in use in use within the company’s field of business.

The following year ARCA Regler was founded and has subsequently achieved dynamic growth, earning a reputation as a leading name in control valve technology since then. Today ARCA is a globally active group, operating under the roof of the ARCA Flow Group, which is represented in over 80 countries so that ARCA calls ‘the world its market.’ ARCA Flow Group represents over 500 employees, 220 of which are employed by ARCA Regler. It boasts a global network of representatives and joint venture partners in local offices in India, China, Korea and Mexico, giving it an instantly recognisable global footprint. Among its other accolades and achievements ARCA was recently placed on the Top list of 100 most innovative companies within the German small and medium enterprise sector (SME). Given the SME sector’s reputation for driving innovation with industry this is no small feat; ARCA’s placement on the Top 100 list is a major signifier of the company’s dedication and ability to innovate and this is a trend that it is set to continue.

Its products range from globe-style, two-way, three-way, single and double seated control valves and angle style valves to hygienic control valves. Within its impressive product portfolio can be found brand examples such as ARCA’s ECOTROL® and BIOVENT® valves. Completing its range, the company also offers angle and globe type steam conditioning valves, linear and rotary actuators as well as E/P and smart positioners and an extensive variety of accessories. Its range of products has understandably found business in a suitably diverse selection of markets including power plants, steel mills, refineries, chemical plants, food production as well as coal gasification, compressors and machinery or concentrated solar power.

Partnerships and development remain key areas for ARCA when it comes to expanding and improving its range of solutions. The company was the first to develop an electro-pneumatic smart positioner during the 1980s, which led to the evolution of a long-term partnership with Siemens AG and the development of the world-class ARCAPRO® positioner series. In terms of industry recognition, its ECOTROL® valve is regarded as the international benchmark in control valves, with thousands of sales each year. “It’s all about generating innovations by designing them around customer requirements and by continuously advancing the underlying technology to the next level,” observes managing director Markus Doenni. “Thinking of new ways of doing things, providing a competitive advantage to our customers has always been our philosophy.”

Complementing its industry recognised products, ARCA prides itself on providing excellent after sales and maintenance services. “We not only manufacture complex, ultra-high performance valves, we also strive to be the perfect partner when it comes to maintenance and complex instrumentation,” says Markus. “ARCA valves are known to be exceptionally durable, but in case our customers request on-site care, an experienced team of technicians from either of our plants, or from our global service partners is available to immediately respond to unforeseen situations – regardless of where our customers are located.” The company’s years of know-how and in-depth knowledge base ensure that it is able to carry out inspection and maintenance projects quickly and thoroughly.

Through its products and dedicated global service network ARCA is able to offer targeted solutions to the oil and gas industry. It is a sector that the company sees as being highly important and in which it invests significant time and resources, as Markus elaborates: “Oil and natural gas are a primary source of energy driving the global economy. We have valves supporting extractions carried out under extreme offshore conditions or in the icy temperatures of Siberia, as well as the desert heat of Africa or tropical climates in Asia. These conditions, as well as the whole range of storage and processing in refineries, really make oil and gas a very demanding market when it comes to providing control valves that perform day in and day out. ARCA valves have helped ensure production and process reliability in this industry for many years, and a wide variety of precision-engineered control valves are available that include – but not are limited to – DN15 (1/2”) to DN600 (24″) and PN16 to PN400 (ANSI 150-2500) sizes as well as special-purpose valves for all media handled in these areas.”

As it looks to move in to the future, ARCA is dedicated to continuing to provide excellent customer service and its trademark strong product portfolio. Research and development and a keen interest in its customers’ requirements will likewise continue to drive the business as it seeks to meet the challenges of the oil and gas sector. Operating on a global level with a highly accredited reputation, ARCA is set to be a firm industry fixture as it heads to and beyond 100 years of its business.

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