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Holding fast

Dynamic positioning (DP) operations are a complex procedure, often requiring multiple calculations and tasks to be carried out simultaneously through the use of specialised hardware.

It is important, therefore, that such projects make use of personnel with extensive experience in the field to ensure not only high quality execution but safe operation as well. This must be underpinned by excellent seamanship. Auto Dynamic Positioning Services (ADPS) is a company that has specialised in this niche but increasingly important sector of the industry.

Technical director Captain Lee Brown delves into the company’s history: “In 1997, ADPS was formed as a direct response to the nature of the industry at the time. Often, crew would be contracted for a single job through an agency and then laid off at the end of the project. It was felt that this went against the long-term psychological and financial needs of mariners and so a specialist crew company was set up as a result. After initially starting with ad-hoc placements, we have evolved into a full crew and vessel management company allowing our skills and experience to be put to best use. With continued growth, ADPS has recently launched a dedicated consultancy branch covering the offshore industry with an emphasis on DP.”

As a dedicated DP Solutions specialist, ADPS is a unique prospect in the industry, with vast technical knowledge adding to its importance. Its personnel meet high standards, not only in terms of industrial accreditations but in experience as well. With a roster that includes (but is not limited to) a wide variety of different expertise in pipe-laying, heavy lifting or diving support vessels, ADPS is able to provide the industry with high quality personnel to complete DP-related operations in almost any offshore situation. This core expertise has enabled ADPS to mature into a recognised Ship Management company bringing value, competence and quality to its clients. ADPS brings support to its clients in the offshore industry at any level a project requires.

Lee also comments: “All contracted personnel are treated as if they are an employee and a relationship is maintained with a high level of communication and understanding. We experience a tremendous amount of loyalty and have worked with some personnel for the best part of 14 years. As a result of this relationship, we are able to source and promote the right personnel to our clients with speed and efficiency.”

Operating throughout the world, ADPS has been involved with many of the major operators in the offshore industry and is able to take on work with organisations involved in a wide range of projects. In one such recent project, ADPS co-operated with two US universities carrying out scientific studies on Lake Malawi (Africa). This project involved coring at a depth of 600 metres. ADPS provided expert help to design/propose and fit DP systems and thrusters to the vessels in-situ, which culminated in the successful commissioning and eventual operation of the vessel for the project.

As Lee illustrates, however, ADPS is involved with more than just crew management: “Some companies require our skills and expertise for mentor training. In some cases there are vessels being introduced that lack the expertise and trained officers to carry out DP duties. In conjunction with formal DP training courses ADPS provides clients with experienced Masters and Officers who not only assist in the safe operation of the vessels but also provide DP mentoring to existing personnel onboard. Throughout the process officers are able to gain experience in DP watchkeeping techniques and disciplines, which meet the requirement for the trainees six months of sea service. Once the officers have enough experience and understand the processes, our job is done. Our personnel leave the vessel but always remain on call if required. This has proved to be a cost effective method for clients who are new to DP.”

Lee concludes: “ADPS is now looking forward to a busy year with an emphasis on the warmer season when offshore activity increases and DP services are in high demand. With all the skills we hold within our company and many new and existing projects, we see a long and successful future ahead.”

Auto Dynamic Positioning Services
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