Axis Energy Services

Newly-formed Axis Energy Services aims to revolutionize oil and gas well services with the launch of new technology.

By taking an integrated, data-driven and training-focused approach to its solutions, newly-formed Axis Energy Services is pioneering a new model of completion and workover services.

Founded in 2018, the oil and gas well service company, which focuses on optimizing completions, has made significant investments into technology to drive efficiency and simplify operations.

“Welcome to the revolution,” President Dirk Lee says. “We are very data-driven and all our equipment is high-spec. We are first ones to put our data on work-over rigs and the first to have data and safety systems on snubbing units.”

This year, Longview, Texas-based Axis launched a new R&D and Rig Monitoring Center, introduced high-spec/high-pressure BOP rentals in the Permian basin and introduced Axis CORE Technology – a data acquisition and predictive analytics system designed to deliver safer, more efficient completion and workover operations.

“We put data on all of our equipment so we can become more efficient, more reliable and more predictable,” Lee says.

Located at Axis’ headquarters in Longview, Texas, the new R&D and Rig Monitoring Center was designed to develop software and hardware to enhance the safety and performance of the company’s service rigs and support equipment during frac plug drill outs and long-lateral workovers.

Axis CORE (Completion Optimization and Rig Efficiency) Technology is the first initiative developed at the facility and deployed to the field.

The technology consists of a system of sensors that monitor componentry and processes on the rig and ancillary equipment. It also has software that synthesizes the data in real time to guide operations and inform the actions of Axis crews, in coordination with technology specialists at the R&D and Rig Monitoring Center.

Data is collected through industry-approved and intrinsically safe ruggedized wireless sensors installed on Axis rigs and ancillary equipment including pumps, swivels and slips.

While Axis CORE Technology is primarily intended for internal use to drive continuous improvement, the company can make the data output available to interested customers.

Expanding Services
In the first few months of operation, Axis offered BOP rentals in the Permian exclusively to support its own drill out rigs and snubbing units. However, its customers soon started requesting Axis’ BOP rentals even on rigs that the company was not operating.

Axis’ decision to expand its pressure control rental division into the Permian Basin now offers Permian operators access to high-spec equipment. That includes a wide variety of medium- and high-pressure BOP systems that can be configured for any well application.

In addition, Axis has developed an innovative closing unit that uses a hydraulic system rather than traditional triplex pumps.

“The closing unit can build pressure twice as fast as the conventional triplex closing unit,” Lee adds. “That’s critical in a well control emergency situation – and we’re the first ones to come out with that.”

Overall, Axis now offers its customers the convenience of providing the rig, high-horsepower pumps, support equipment and all necessary pressure control equipment—all on one invoice — as part of its standard drill out service. The service started in East Texas and are now growing fast in West Texas and North Louisiana.

“We are very pleased with the progress and growth we are achieving with our BOP rental services,” Lee says. “And it’s a testament to the leadership of Axis Pressure Control Rentals that this business continues to expand beyond being utilized by our own rigs.”

A Union Of Three
Backed by Lime Rock Partners and B-29 Investments, Axis has brought together leading companies with decades of experience delivering top-tier services and evolving to meet industry challenges.

The company is the union of three trusted well service companies: TEC Well Service, Momentum Pressure Control and M6 Energy Services.

“We combined them all together to start a completion focused data-driven company,” Lee says.

Aside from completion services and pressure control rentals, Axis offers its own pressure control services, well services and pumping services.

In addition, Axis maintains a fleet of nitrogen pumping units to support a wide range of oilfield applications. Its fleet includes flameless high-pressure units, direct-fire units with a bobtail configuration for superior maneuverability and combination nitrogen/fluid pumping units that reduce the amount of equipment on site and improve safety when commingling.

Axis operates in every major basin including those in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, North Dakota and Ohio. “Axis is trying to be a company that provides everything around the wellhead,” Lee says. “And we’re always looking for new opportunities to build the company.”