Blue Streak Transportation

Blue Streak Transportation has established itself as a reliable distributor to oil and gas companies in the Permian Basin by providing a variety of services that are necessities in the oilfield.

The Midland, Texas- based company was incorporated in 2005 and its primary business at the time was transporting sand used in the hydraulic fracturing process. When the industry began to grow rapidly, “We noticed there was also a need for a wholesale fuel provider in this town,” Sales Manager Connor Ewing says. “We saw the boom and all that came with it.”

In 2007, Blue Streak Transportation began operating a fleet of tanker trucks and bobtails to service the fuel needs of the oil and gas companies in its west Texas and southeastern New Mexico territory. The focus was on drilling operations, but soon grew to offer much more. The company constructed two unmanned fuel islands and a bulk fuel storage facility to accommodate its truck drivers and increase efficiency.

Blue Streak Transportation added lubricant division to its business model in 2011. Today, the company offers more than 250 lubricant products from heavy-duty engine oils to floor absorbents. The lubricant division offers equipment service programs to ensure optimum engine performance, waste oil remediation and bulk delivery services. “We truly can handle just about any lubricant need,” Ewing notes.

Unparalleled Service
Being located in the Permian Basin comes with some challenges. Blue Streak Transportation is a smaller company than some of the industry giants operating in the same area, so it needed a way to hold its own and stand apart. “One of the things we focus on is customer service and we have to because we are all getting the same products,” Ewing explains. “Everyone’s picking up the same products and equipment, so service distinguishes us from our competitors.”

To ensure it is always providing top-notch service, the company operates its services in-house as opposed to using third parties. Blue Streak Transportation operates a 24-hour in-house dispatch center with its own employees. This ensures communication with customers and drivers, decreasing reaction response and equaling better service. The company also employs its own team of mechanics that are tasked with daily equipment inspections to full engine overhauls, Ewing says. “This is a very valuable tool to our company because with the boom comes long waiting periods at local mechanic shops,” he adds.

One of Blue Streak Transportation’s biggest challenges, however, is maintaining a strong labor force. The shortage of truck drivers is not a new problem in the industry and companies continue to come up with ideas on how to find new and retain existing drivers. One of the most popular ways – and the reason Blue Streak Transportation’s retention is on the higher side – is to offer excellent pay and benefits, Ewing says. “We also have an incentive program that says if a driver stays with us for 90 days they will receive a $500 bonus,” he notes.

Growing Strong
In 2011, Blue Streak Transportation built a state-of-the-art facility in Midland to provide for its growing needs. Its 10,000-square-foot warehouse stores all of the company’s lubricant products along with everyday items, such as rags and window cleaners. Its previous building in Midland was transformed into a driver’s lounge and mechanic shop.

Attached to the warehouse is its corporate office that includes 15 offices, conference rooms and a kitchen. The company will be adding about 2,000 square feet to the building to include six more offices. “The company’s goal was to get more space to grow,” Ewing says.

The company is constantly in research and development. Each division has specialized equipment to get the job done. Along with increasing its fleet size, the equipment is always being tweaked for a safer, more efficient way to complete its tasks. As the boom rolls on, “We have to be prepared for anything,” Ewing says. “Our number one objective is keeping our customers extremely happy and growing in ordered steps.” EMI