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Bredero Shaw, a global leader in pipe coating solutions, was formed in 1996 through a joint venture between Shaw Pipe Protection and Bredero Price.

In 2002, ShawCor Ltd, a growthorientated energy services company and parent of Shaw Pipe Protection, bought the remaining share of Bredero Shaw. Bredero Shaw and its predecessor companies have been involved in the industry for the past 80 years, always at the forefront of pipe coating technology, capability, capacity and global reach. The company, in its various forms, has introduced or established industry foundation-type coatings like asphalt enamel, FBE, concrete weight coating and thermal insulation, continuing its history of innovation even today.

Over 400,000 kilometres of oil, gas, water and slurry pipelines throughout the world have been protected using Bredero Shaw technology and services to date. The type of coatings applied can be broken down into four broad categories; anti-corrosion coatings, protective and weight coatings, flow assurance coatings, and internal coatings. Anti-corrosion coatings are designed to protect a pipeline from external corrosion; Bredero Shaw offers the widest range of anti-corrosion coatings in the industry covering all operating conditions for both onshore and offshore construction. These coatings are also used effectively under concrete or thermal insulation.

Protective and weight coatings are concrete based systems that provide mechanical protection for pipelines onshore and buoyancy control for pipelines in offshore environments, tidal and swamp areas, and river crossings. These types of coatings also offer additional protection in areas where backfill may damage the anti-corrosion coatings, and for pipelines in high traffic sea corridors. The company’s flow assurance products are designed for both onshore and offshore insulation. Specifically, the offshore product lines consist of high efficiency thermal insulation systems with optimum thicknesses ensuring easy installation and excellent long-term insulation, whilst the onshore products meet the high performance standards required for insulated pipelines.

As the final element of the business, Bredero Shaw’s internal coatings are used to increase flow efficiency for natural gas pipelines and for other anti-corrosion applications. This in turn can potentially enable clients to use a smaller diameter pipe, or allow for lower compression requirements. The benefits of these products include corrosion protection during storage prior to installation, improved pigging conditions, faster drying times, and enhanced conditions for visual inspection of the internal surface of pipe walls.

“Bredero Shaw is in a unique position to meet the needs of individual projects and provide best-in-class service to its clients. The company holds the largest team of experienced and dedicated pipe coating professionals in the industry. With the most extensive network of strategically located plants around the world, and with proven innovative coating technologies, Bredero Shaw has coated more pipelines in virtually every environment and operating condition than anyone in the industry,” enthuses Lee Evans, senior vice president Asia Pacific.

Throughout this global network, Bredero Shaw has experience, essential contacts and detailed knowledge of the business culture and conditions that are unique to each country. This familiarity with local practices ensures commanding access to material and logistics solutions. The company’s assets include the world’s largest pipe coating plant, strategically located in Malaysia, a technologically advanced facility in Norway, a broad presence in the Americas, and many mobile facilities that can be quickly established in remote locations to meet client needs.

Elaborating upon one of the company’s most recent new contracts, which is also the largest in its history, Lee says: “Bredero Shaw has signed a contract with a value in excess of $400 million USD with Mitsui & Co., Ltd, to provide pipeline coatings and related products and services for the gas export pipeline on the Ichthys LNG project. The contract involves coating 889 kilometres of 42-inch pipe that will be protected with an Asphalt Enamel coating, SureFlo internal coating, and HeviCote concrete weight coating. In addition Bredero Shaw has also received a contract for anode procurement and installation, as well as custom coating. Work will commence during the third quarter of 2012, and be executed in the company’s facilities in Indonesia and Malaysia.”

In recognition of the very different and specific needs of its client base, Bredero Shaw also offers custom coating and field coating services, as part of its end-to-end coating solutions for customers. Custom coatings include the coating of bends, spools, manifolds, jumpers, XMTs, and other fabricated components incorporated into onshore and offshore oil and gas production systems, whilst field coating services involve the coating of welded joints for onshore and offshore pipelines, as well as in-situ custom coating services at the client’s designated location.

Recently, Bredero Shaw’s innovative heritage was recognised yet again with an OTC 2012 Spotlight on New Technology award for its new Simulated Service Vessel (SSV). “The SSV is the industry’s largest and most advanced deepwater test chamber for end-to-end pipeline thermal insulation systems accommodating pipe samples up to six metres long and up to 910 millimetres external diameter, and simulating water depths up to 3000 metres and temperatures of 180 °C. The SSV reduces project risk by confirming the U-value and depth rating of the system, and predicting long-term thermal performance under compressive creep,” describes Lee.

“We have also recently commercialised the Thermotite ULTRA thermal insulation coating, which was winner of the OTC 2010 Spotlight on New Technology award, and IPLOCA 2011 New Technologies award, and are looking forward to introducing this new product to the Asia Pacific region. Thermotite ULTRA is an innovative insulation system with virtually unlimited water depth capability, and its superior performance assures complete system integrity during service, while reducing energy loss in steady state and transient conditions,” he continues.

This is part of a strong period of portfolio momentum due to increased pipeline activity in Asia Pacific. Having continued to acquire major contracts, Lee is confident about Bredero Shaw’s ongoing strong performance throughout 2013 and 2014. In terms of how the company will achieve the best possible performance during this period, he concludes: “We want to strengthen our market position in several of the major oil and gas basins. Our HSE performance, already one of the best in the industry, will be improved through increased employee engagement and training programmes. We also have several exciting new product and service innovations that will be released to the market over the next few years. These will assist our customers to build the energy transportation infrastructure of the future.”

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