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Founded by two master mariners in 1989, C-MAR Group is an internationally renowned marine and offshore energy service company, offering a comprehensive range of asset services.

“Our aim is to address the complex challenges experienced in today’s marine and energy markets,” says global marketing manager Mike Hawdon. “Our four core business streams are Marine Crewing and Vessel Management, Subsea BOP Engineering, DP Training and DP Consultancy.

“Our market segment includes DP vessel owners and operators such as Caldive, Helix, Ensco, Maersk, Transocean, Seadrill, Stena, Ocean Rig, Tidewater, and Maridive.” The priority at C-MAR is to form a strong alliancewith these customers to maximise theiroperational effectiveness and deliver strategicsolutions to industry wide problems. This is supported by the Group’s network of offices around the world.

C-MAR also benefits from a number of strategic alliances to complement these capabilities. Noting one such relationship in particular, Mike describes the qualities that make such partnerships work: “Wings Corporate Travel provide us with travel booking services around the world for our management team. They are available 24/7 and deliver a very professional service at a competitive price.”

C-MAR Group specialises particularly in the DP sector and has developed a worldclass reputation for its services, particularly in training: “Our specialist centres in London, Mumbai, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro, offer basic and advanced courses for DP operators within the curriculum set by the Nautical Institute,” Mike explains.

“We have trained over 10,000 DP operators worldwide since we launched in August 2000.All our courses provide real, practical experience based on the extensive knowledge and expertise of our instructors, each of whom has more than five years’ experience in the operation of DPvessels covering dive support, anchor-handling, platform supply, and drilling vessels.”

In addition, C-MAR offers tailored coursesfor shoreside personnel involved in dynamic positioning and, through its facilities in Singapore and Rio de Janeiro, DP maintenance courses. These are designed for individuals who may in the course of their work be required to perform, or assist in, the maintenance of a vessel’s DP system.

Course topics include system elements, interfacing, monitoring, and documentation. Furthermore, the centres provide technical services to the marine industry in the form of consultancy for the design and operation of DP vessels, and Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) and audits to International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) guidelines.

Turning his attention to C-MAR’s immediate future, Mike describes the market outlook as positive: “We are expanding our operations across all aspects of the business, especially in Brazil, the Far East, Gulf of Mexico, Canada, and the North Sea. High oil prices, new vessels being built and older ones upgraded, mean the offshore and marine markets are very busy, presenting us with a wide selection of business opportunities around the world.”

The Group is progressing with its expansion plans through 2013, with a particular focus on the marine side of the business, especially vessel and crew management. Summarising, Mike says: “To consolidate our position in the industry and continue to expand the business in both turnover and geographical presence, I can see C-MAR undergoing significant growth in our operations, especially in South America and the Far East. We have a fantastic global team in place now. All the factors are in place for the Group to really push on.”

C-MAR Group
Services: Marine, engineering, training and consultancy