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With a history dating back to 1922, Cameron has grown to provide an ever-expanding portfolio of proven flow equipment, products, valves, systems, services and brands.

With both upstream and downstream application capabilities, the company’s expertise places it at the forefront of the global oil and gas industry, while Cameron’s aftermarket skills ensure clients stay in contact and return to the company time and again. Having lived through a number of name changes and acquisitions, Cameron as it is known today was established as recently as 2006 when Cameron 09 2009 bit officially changed its name to Cameron International Corporation. Since then the company has continued to grow.

From its inception, the organisation has steadily grown, persistently adding companies and manufacturing expertise to expand its experience and knowledge of oil and gas subsea systems and engineering services. Cameron now holds the enviable title of world-leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to offshore and onshore industries. Utilising its global manufacturing, sales and service network, the company’s 11 operating divisions work alongside drilling contractors, oil and gas producers, pipeline operators, refiners and other process owners to aid the control, direction, adjustment, processes, measurement and compression of pressures and flows, leading to more efficient operations for a wide range of customers. The organisation can name such industry leaders as BP, Total, Chevron and Exxon Mobil among its client base, and with annual bookings in excess of $5 billion its influence is set to grow.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, two thirds of the company’s business is generated from outside of the US, facilitated by its 16,000 employees in 250 locations around the world. The Drilling & Production Systems group covers the five key units including drilling, surface, subsea, process systems and flow control, while the Valves & Measurement group covers distributed, engineered and process valves, as well as measurement systems, and the Compression Systems group provides expertise in reciprocating and centrifugal compression. These individual groups of expertise are supplied throughout the world to provide clients with improved exploration, development, production, refining and transportation.

Furthermore, Cameron takes service to another level through its aftermarket range of facilities. Replacement parts are available for immediate delivery and the company’s 65 centres for world-class assistance are strategically placed around the world for efficient and fast support. Installation, field repair, maintenance, technical support and well services are supplied by Cameron’s highly trained workforce that hold superior skills in inspection, reassembly, testing and replacement. In addition, the remanufacturing of all types and brands is available, while premier asset management can be arranged to augment and complement a customer’s warehousing capabilities.

One of Cameron’s biggest areas of success lies in subsea systems. As an example, a key product of the company known as the CameronDC All-Electric Subsea Production System, represents a number of breakthrough solutions to counter the risks of subsea production and address the challenges that can result in downtime, costly intervention, deferred production and lost revenue for offshore operators. Utilising a unique all-electric system, powered by direct current, the system dramatically improves reliability, availability and maintainability. As it has no batteries, hydraulics or accumulators, the system is vastly simplified compared to conventional electro-hydraulic equipment and its innovative design results in better uptime availability in deepwater, and a capability at virtually limitless water depths and long-distance step-outs.Cameron 09 2009 c

Furthermore, without the need to transmit hydraulic fluid through the umbilical, communication with equipment and feedback on subsea conditions is almost instantaneous saving costly operation time. One of the most essential benefits of the patented CameronDC system is in its environmentally friendly credentials. An ever-evolving issue in the oil and gas industry, considering sustainability is essential in the R&D process of any offshore operator or supplier. This innovation eliminates the chance of hydraulic leaks and the issue of fluid disposal, while being safer and simpler to use – a classic example of Cameron’s efforts to stay at the forefront of the industry.

In the third quarter of 2008, the subsea systems business unit within Cameron booked its largest project ever for BP Angola for $850 million for subsea trees. As the first of four identified projects to be awarded under a frame agreement for the Block 31 development, the project will involve the Plutão, Saturno, Vênus and Marte (PSVM) fields. At the start of this year, Cameron received another multi million order from BP for the provision of subsea systems for subsea tie back projects in the Gulf of Mexico. The order includes the supply of four subsea trees, production control systems, a manifold, flowline connection systems, engineering and project management services and related equipment. Engineering operations and the procurement of materials began in 2008 and deliveries are scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2009 and will continue into 2010. This is the first in a series of orders to be placed under the 2006 Gulf of Mexico frame agreement with BP and reflects the close working relationship the two companies maintain.

One of the organisation’s latest developments took place in June this year when Cameron announced the intent to acquire NATCO Group Inc. The total value of the deal is estimated at approximately $780 million and Cameron has issued approximately 24 million shares of common stock to NATCO shareholders as part of the agreement. As an all-stock transaction, the boards of directors of both Cameron and NATCO unanimously approved the transaction, which is due to be finalised in the third quarter of 2009, subject to regulatory approvals and that of NATCO’s shareholders. With NATCO holding a leading position in the industry as a provider of process equipment, systems and services, including proprietary equipment and technologies to the worldwide oil and gas industry, it’s 2400 employees and $650 million revenue is a major asset to Cameron’s organisation.

Speaking at the time, Jack B. Moore, president and chief executive office of Cameron commented: “The acquisition of NATCO represents a unique opportunity to acquire an unmatched portfolio of process technologies focused on electrostatic oil treating, CO2 handling utilising propriety membrane technology, and compact separation, along with a strategically positioned manufacturing and distribution service network. In combination with our Petreco process systems division, this will solidify Cameron’s position as a leading supplier of separation and processing solutions worldwide.”

With such a plethora of engineering and service capabilities to its name, and a historical trend and financial ability to grow by acquisition, Cameron’s industry eminence is set to continue. The organisation is continuously developing innovations, especially in the subsea sector, to meet the requirements of its lucrative clients and the demands of the ever-changing oil and gas arena. The company’s wide range of products and divisions, as well as its superior aftermarket services ensure its popularity and distinction in the marketplace, while its strategic locations across the globe facilitates exemplary customer service. Cameron’s influence is set to grow further following large contracts with key clients such as BP and its recent acquisition of NATCO.

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