Casa dos Ventos, Comerc Energia Group, and the TransHydrogen Alliance

The recent partnership is set to create new European supply chains for the energy transition.

Renewable energy company Casa dos Ventos has signed a partnership with Comerc Eficiência, an energy efficiency company of the Comerc Energia Group, and the TransHydrogen Alliance (THA), to create new supply chains for the energy transition of European countries.

The intended outcome is to facilitate the export of green ammonia produced in the Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém (CIPP), in Ceará. The plant will be developed on a 60-hectare site, with a capacity of up to 2.4 GW of electrolysis, producing 960 tons of hydrogen per day. With all phases implemented, it will enable the production of 2.2 million tons of ammonia per year.

“We are joining forces with a group of companies that will be able to contribute to the technological development of the project and with a portfolio of international clients,” explained Lucas Araripe, CEO at Casa dos Ventos.

“The essence of Comerc is the energy transition, combining economy, excellence, and sustainability in all its solutions. And together with Casa dos Ventos and THA, through green hydrogen and ammonia, we take an important step towards decarbonization, both nationally and globally,” said Marcel Haratz, President of Comerc Eficiência.

“Green hydrogen is the fuel of the future, but it is already a reality and a global trend. So, we will be at the forefront with a project of this size and partnered with European companies it puts Brazil in a leading position to become an important player in the sector,” he concluded.