ClearCreek Oilfield Solutions, a division of Dynamic Structures Inc.

ClearCreek Oilfield Solutions believes in its core principles of integrity in business, enthusiasm for the job and a commitment to always treat the employees, clients and the community with respect. The company – a division of Dynamic Structures Inc. – also believes in providing top-of-the-line service in every aspect possible.

Exceeding customer expectations is at the forefront of ClearCreek’s business model. However, the company does not believe in cutting corners or taking the easy way to save some money. “Honesty, integrity and hard work are at the core of every single ClearCreek venture, and we will stop at nothing to provide you with the best service possible,” the company promises.

Among the on-site services offered by ClearCreek Oilfield Solutions are solids control and closed loop systems. New, top-of-the-line centrifuges in single- or dual-centrifuge set-ups can accommodate the full range of air drilling. Single-centrifuge system are capable of processing up to 9.5 barrels a minute, whereas dual centrifuge systems are suited for flooded mines and water tables. Dual-centrifuge systems are capable of processing up to 19 barrels a minute or 1,140 barrels an hour.

ClearCreek’s closed-loop systems are designed to handle the full range of drilling fluids, with fluid retention being of the utmost importance. Depending on customers’ needs, ClearCreek has both single- and dual-centrifuge set-ups to accommodate fluid polishing and/or barite recovery.

Four-panel, high-G drying shakers are suited for mud retention, minimizing solidification costs and producing continuous Tier 1 cuttings. “With versatile equipment and trained and experienced operators, ClearCreek far outperforms the competition,” the company says.

The company’s excavators include two operators, two half-rounds and an excavator. Operators can live on-site and work 12-hour shifts. They solidify cuttings and load dump trucks to go to landfills.

Tanker Fleet
ClearCreek Oilfield Solutions has a fleet of various sizes of tankers. Its 110-barrel vacuum trucks allow its customers to move more product in Ohio and West Virginia. They are suited for small locations where space is limited and are available in tri-axle and quad-axle versions.

The company’s 110-barrel, six-axle vac trucks are best utilized for tough, dirty jobs that require more vacuum pressure than a standard-size vac truck can muster. The trucks’ dumping capability easily allows solid material left in a tank after a job to be dumped off.

Transports with 130-barrel capacities are designed for long hauls to move more material in one trip and reduce customers’ shipping costs. The 130-barrel, seven-axis transports allow customers to move more material in one load and still remain under the legal Ohio and West Virginia weight limits.

Transports with 150-barrel capacities can carry light products such as base oil, brine and fresh water. Transporting more barrels per load can reduce shipping costs. The 150-barrel trailers have a double-drop design that makes them safe and stable. The trailer also has steps, catwalks and guide rails that add to its safety by making it easy for the driver to access all hatches and valves safely when loading and unloading.

ClearCreek Oilfield Solutions’ hydro-vacuum trucks with pressure washers reduce the footprint on location by lessening the amount of unnecessary traffic. The hydro-vac high-dump trucks allow on-site dumping into half-rounds and clamshell boxes and are specially designed to increase safety and fortify against any unintentional release into the surrounding environment.

The company’s shorter trailers with tandem axles allow for a better turning radius on smaller locations. Longer, wider trailers allow for more deck space to load pallets and super sacks. Pop-up rollers on some vehicles in ClearCreek’s winch truck fleet create less friction and make it easier and safer to load and unload.

Roustabout Services
ClearCreek Oilfield Solutions offers highly trained and experienced roustabouts for daily drilling operations who can put rigs up or take them down. The company says they can be on-site daily 24/7 assisting the rig hands and working in solids control, loading and unloading water trucks, dump trucks and other incoming and outgoing loads from the rig. They also can work on transferring fluids, dust control, assisting in cement jobs and offer certified welding services from a rig truck 24/7.

ClearCreek’s certified welders are experienced with top-hole and triple rigs, troubleshooting and design, and everything from high-pressure lines to general maintenance, along with off-site fabrication and rig-moving. The company’s employees can move air rigs, load rigs and all of their equipment, and transport equipment from location to location and unload it.

Safety and Data Interchange
ClearCreek Oilfield Solutions says it strives to provide consistent and safe performance to its patrons through teamwork and attention to detail. “We conduct our daily business fairly, honestly and safely,” the company says. “These values have guided us in our everyday functions and have allowed us to become a leader in our industry and make a positive difference in the regions we serve. We desire to build trusting, long-term relationships with all of our customers and our staff.”

ClearCreek participates in ISNetworld compliance data interchange for the oil and gas industry. “We endeavor to hold the highest safety, insurance, quality and regulatory information necessary to satisfy our clientele’s needs and requirements,” the company says.