Combi Lift

Lightening the load

Combi Lift was established in 2000 as a joint venture between J Poulsen Shipping A/S and Harren & Partner.

The two companies established Combi Lift with the aim of positioning it as a leading business in heavy-lift ocean transportation and logistics, setting the highest standards through sound business ethics, inspirational leadership and integrated QHSEP best practices.

The main philosophy of Combi Lift is to combine the best expertise across the business, to enable it to lift various cargoes and provide the highest standards and quality at all times. It also provides a range of services to its customers besides lifting operations, including chartering, engineering and technical management. The chartering and operation departments of the business are situated in Korsoer, and with a team of skilled personnel, Combi Lift is able to provide its customers with the most suitable chartering solutions tailored to their individual requirements. The engineering and technical management operation is based in Bremen. Working with an experienced staff of master mariners, naval architects and welding experts, Combi Lift is able to provide solutions that suit the individual customers’ demands and expectations.

Specialising in heavy lifts and project cargo contracts, Combi Lift operates a modern fleet of vessels that is designed to carry a full range of diverse cargoes. Providing tailor-made heavy-lift transportation solutions, which are characterised by being safe, innovative and reliable, the company can also carry hazardous and nuclear loads.

With rapidly growing demands on oil companies, the need for safe, secure and reliable solutions is more apparent than ever. For this reason, Combi Lift’s vessels incorporate the latest technology, to provide customers with safe, professional and reliable solutions. The company also continually adds new ships to the fleet, which will enable it to expand its service offering within the segments of high capacity LoLo, RoRo and FloFlo.

For example, in February 2010, Combi Dock IV the last of four sister vessels, was named at Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven. It is an 11,000 dwt multipurpose tweendecker vessel comprising three electro hydraulic cranes with a single lift capacity of between 350 and 700 metric tonnes combined. The vessel is designed to take both floating cargoes and RoRo consignments, enabling it to load weights of up to 5000 metric tonnes, depending on the dimensions of the individual piece.

The Combi Dock vessels are highly versatile and can be converted into an offshore vessel with special features as desired. For example, for offshore applications, a helicopter platform, integrated fire fighting systems and additional accommodation can all be included. A modified crane and a six square metre moon pool are also options.

On the cargo side, three other new vessels have been delivered and one more sister vessel will be delivered to Combi Lift in July 2010 – the M/V Palmerton was completed in November 2009, the M/V Palabora in January 2010, the M/V Palembang in May 2010 while the M/V Palau will be delivered in July 2010. These are GL +100 A5 E3 class, multipurpose dry cargo ships, equipped for the carriage of containers and dangerous goods. Strengthened for heavy cargo, the cargo hold features boxed, steel flooring, tween deck hoistable in three different heights. The total cubic capacity of the hold is 15,700 cubic metres.

One area that Combi Lift regards as essential to uphold and maintain solid business practices is ISO certification. In 2007 K/S Combi Lift and Combi Lift (Germany) GmbH were the first companies worldwide, within their segment, to obtain DNV certifications for fully implementing the ISO 9901, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 system standards both ashore and onboard its vessels.

The company’s QHSEP policy calls for continuous improvement in its quality, health, safety, environment and pollution prevention management activities and it sets out a number of principles that the business must adhere to. For example, it states that Combi Lift will comply with all applicable and current laws, regulations, legislations, customer requirements and any other requirements relating to its QHSEP aspects and impacts, while adopting a proactive approach to continuously improving all areas of the company’s business and making best use of its management resources in all quality, health, safety & environment issues, with a commitment to continual improvement.

Based on its decade of reliable innovation founded on individual customer insights and requirements, Combi Lift is continually growing and developing its fleet to meet customer’s specific demands. While the current market conditions are difficult, the company will respond to the challenge by focusing on its strengths and working to make the business more efficient, so it can provide an even more reliable service to its customers.

Combi Lift
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