Covid recovery: What can the nanotechnology industry do next?

The Advanced Materials Show – Conference Webinar Series

Tuesday 21st July 2020: 2pm UK Time

Nanotechnology is making a significant contribution to global efforts combating Covid-19. Nano-enabled products can improve PPE, accelerate testing and advance the development and delivery of new treatments and vaccines – but what can industry innovators deliver in the longer term?

Nanomaterials will form part of a more sustainable, efficient, and economical restructure across industries after a sobering period of reflection for many. Preparation is key and nanomaterial producers need to find efficient ways to scale-up innovative products to the volumes required, identifying where the need is with a view to developing the right solutions on the fastest timelines.

During this webinar, industry experts will share insight on technical, commercial and occasionally philosophical challenges, sharing their ideas on what could be expected for the industry in the coming period and how prepare your business.

Key questions to be addressed:

  • What has changed for nanomaterial manufacturing due to the pandemic?
  • How can companies overcome the current economic challenges?
  • Why and how the nanomaterials industry needs to expedite production scale-up
  • How might things be rebuilt in a new form? Which industries are likely to transform and how can nanotechnology form part of the recovery post-Covid?

Moderator and Panellists:

  • James Baker, CEO, Graphene@Manchester
  • Dr Claire Skentelbery, Director General, Nanotechnology Industry Association
  • Landon Mertz, CEO, Cerion Nanomaterials
  • Dr Selina Ambrose, Technical Manager, Promethean Particles</a