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Maintaining integrity

Established in 1973, C&P Engineering Services Ltd is an award winning electrical and instrumentation (E&I) services company that has a reputation for minimising risk through the provision of safe, professional and versatile solutions.

Tristan Jones, sales and marketing manager at the organisation, gave a few more details about what the Swansea-based company can provide: “The company is dedicated to supporting the compliance, performance and integrity of E&I assets and construction projects,” he said. “It has a workforce of around 60 employees and is vastly experienced in technically challenging and highly complex E&I construction project demands – onshore and offshore, upstream and downstream, throughout the UK and internationally.”

The company is most active in the UK but as Tristan mentioned, is developing contracts with operators and manufacturers onshore and offshore across EMEA and the Asia Pacific Regions. The types of services on offer include delivering E&I construction projects and the maintenance, modification and protection of the integrity and lifecycle of E&I assets, which also includes hazardous area electrical ‘EX’/ATEX inspection, verification, installation, modification and repair services.

In order to meet the needs of customers that are working in hazardous and demanding environments, C&P has developed an approach whereby it listens to customers’ specific objectives and adds value to their E&I construction projects and asset lifecycles with a ‘thinking and doing’ attitude.

Tristan explained: “By working as an extension of the customers’ team, C&P is able to focus on optimising efficient responses, quick turnarounds and continued improvement efficiencies – whether the customer requires a one-off solution or full turnkey E&I construction and specialist project management.” By creating a strong combination of quality installation, proven consultancy advice and effective project management, C&P has developed a competitive edge that is maintained by its highly skilled workforce. The company is well recognised for its ability to react and plan effectively to customer demand, understanding clients needs through construction, commissioning and validation. It is also known to complete each job safely, on time, within budget and performed to plan.

“Safety is also of course our priority and HSEQ is at the core of our culture,” added Tristan. “It is the blend of training, instruction, technical procedures and the experienced management and supervision that the company has on-site that has enabled it to provide a low risk profile and this is also one of the many reasons that C&P has sustained long-running relationships with its customers.”

Thanks to these close relationships the company can keep abreast of industry issues and ensure it is ready to help clients with challenges as they arise. As Tristan clarified: “Operators and manufacturers are still facing a number of barriers and challenges with regards to properly maintaining, modifying and protecting their electrical and instrumentation equipment or delivering an E&I construction project. For example, not enough resource to manage adedicated programme, a lack of specialist skills or qualifications in-house, minimal downtime, risk of operating in hazardous areas that may contain or have activities that produce, explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres and the compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

“Moreover, incidents such as the 2010 Macondo accident have also highlighted the economic consequences of not paying sufficient attention to operational risk management. The industry is seeing increased scrutiny with regards to the inspection of operational and strategic risk, and consequently there is also focused attention and greater awareness of the risks surrounding equipment integrity and service delivery.

“As a result of these issues C&P has been experiencing an increase in enquiries from companies offshore and onshore seeking specialist consultancy advice and maintenance support with regards to the integrity and lifecycle of their ‘EX’ hazardous area assets. As such, it is providing assistance through services such as inspection, verification, installation, modification and repair.”

By improving the management of construction projects and equipment through economies of scale, flexibility of response, value engineering and innovative thinking, C&P can help operators and manufacturers to decrease risk, minimise operational cost, and protect their staff and the environment. It can also help customers to ensure they are complying with legislation and meeting health and safety expectations and requirements, as well as enhancing productivity and continuity.

Over the course of 2013, C&P has been focusing on proactive integration and continuing improvement efficiencies for clients and going forward into 2014 it will be looking to increase and improve the operating capacity of the business. “We will continue to invest heavily in training and development to ensure that our employees have the right skill set for the industry’s changing environment, such as increasing our multi-skilled E&I workforce,” added Tristan.

Following 40 successful years of business, C&P has established itself as a market leader. Paul Bunyan, CEO concluded with some words about the future: “What began as a small company in 1973 providing E&I services to local heavy industry in South Wales in the UK, has now developed into a new level of excellence in engineering, and achieving 40 years in business in the engineering construction industry is a fantastic milestone and a remarkable achievement. We are confident that our 41st year in business will be a year in which C&P lays the foundations for future success.”

C&P Engineering Services
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