Crescent Companies LLC.

In 2006 Colley Andrews, Ken Davidson and Darvin Knapp founded Crescent Consulting LLC and Crescent Services LLC collectively known as Crescent Companies LLC. The companies are headquartered in Oklahoma City. With more than 100 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry, the founders set out to establish a service company focusing on water management solutions for operators and a consulting company to provide the industry with talented, experienced supervisors.

Service Side
Crescent Services focuses on water transfer and water management as well as environmental and construction services. The partners founded the company responding to the market demands. “We recognized a great opportunity when water transfer was an emerging market, and believed it was going to become an integral part of the frac story,” Andrews explains. The company originated in Western Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle and now operates in multiple locations in seven states including Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Pennsylvania and Ohio with over 750 employees.

Crescent Services has been able to position itself as a leader in the water transfer business, “by partnering with our customers on their water management plans,” Andrews explains. “We are one of the top few players in this space.”

The company has also been able to face the new challenges of the changing market that demands more environmental awareness. “Every passing day there is more attention placed on water,” explains Nick Hughes, Crescent’s vice president and CFO. “As water is life giving to the human race it is also life giving to the oil and gas industry; without water the industry does not survive.” The company addresses all areas of the water circle. “We assist the operator in locating, procuring, transferring, storing, tracking, filtering and treating water,” Hughes explains.

Crescent Services places environmental concerns at the top of their list. “We recognized early the importance of environmental awareness,” Andrews says. “We listened to our customers and designed a plan to transfer water with less environmental impact.” Crescent Services offers their clients solutions for these environmental concerns. “Our customers are now using produced water to frac and are utilizing our new leak free pipe to provide water in an environmentally safe method,” Andrews says.

Consulting Side
Crescent Consulting provides well site consulting to their clients and project management for drilling, completions and work-overs. “We can provide a well plan and execute it for the client, from project management to production,” Andrews says. “We can execute a task as complex as a well plan and have numerous experienced consultants available to supervise drilling operations,” he adds.

The consulting business was established out of a desire to fulfill an industry need. “Our experience in the drilling and completion business has opened us up to a network of experienced individuals over the years,” Andrews says. “We turned that network into a consulting company that provides the best consultants in the industry.”

Look Ahead
Crescent will be looking for opportunities to continue expanding their water transfer and water management business over the next five years. Their ultimate goal, as Hughes explains, is “to be all things water.” EMI