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At the forefront of the developing cryogenic vaporiser market since its inception in 1968, Cryonorm was originally focused on the industrial gases market; however, when the small to mid scale LNG market expanded on a global scale, so too did Cryonorm.

“In the beginning Cryonorm was only supplying cryogenic vaporisers for vaporising of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon and CO2, major industrial gas suppliers are still part of our customer base. It was in the 1990s that the first vaporiser for the regasifying of LNG was delivered which opened a new market for us. Since then, we have expanded with the global small to mid scale LNG market and taken the opportunity to grow from a component (vaporiser) supplier to a supplier of complete systems.” says Mr Piet Tel, director of Cryonorm Systems BV.

Employing a combination of technology and production techniques, Cryonorm has divided its organisation into three product lines to ensure customers receive the best possible service from personnel dedicated to their focal area of operation. The first business segment is Cryonorm BV, which is committed to the regasification of cryogenic liquids through the design and sales of cryogenic vaporisers that can be used for liquefied air gases and LNG. The second division is Cryonorm Systems BV, which focuses on the design and sales of LNG satellite plants, LNG ship bunkering plants, LNG ship fuelling systems and LCNG truck filling stations. The third and final product line, also handled through Cryonorm Systems BV, processes the engineering and design of small scale LNG liquefaction plants. Despite the separation in activities, Cryonorm is committed to ensuring every customer receives the same level of understanding, empathy and sales care.

With vaporisers to the air gases market as steady base, Cryonorm believes LNG is the fuel of the future and now leads the way in the growing LNG market with its small to mid scale LNG systems. Despite being involved in a relatively new market, the company has already cemented its role by supplying the majority of LNG fuel systems in the Netherlands, as Piet highlights: “These LNG fuel systems were all one-of-a-kind and the first of their kind in the world. For example, we provided the Argonon, the first dual fuel powered inland ship, with one 40m3 LNG fuel system; we also delivered the Greenstream and Greenrhine, the first two 100 per cent gas-electric powered inland ships, with two 40m3 LNG fuel systems and retrofitted the Eiger, an inland ship, from diesel to dual fuel through the provision of one 60m3 LNG fuel system. Moreover, the first LNG fuel systems for worldwide first dual fuel propelled liquid Ethylene carrier was provided by us, and we are now constructing the first shore to ship LNG bunker station for LNG propelled ferries in Norway.”

Specialising in LNG systems for inland and short seagoing waterway ships, the company is in a coveted position as the shipping industry has come under ever increasing pressure to reduce emissions from fuels and turn to a more economical and realistic solution. Because LNG powered ships comply with Stage IV emission standards for vessels on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, the benefits of using LNG has led to stronger demand in the LNG market and more systems being built.

Discussing the blossoming LNG market, Piet notes: “The market for small to mid scale LNG is becoming mature, with more and more real projects. We hope the price gap between LNG and conventional fuels like diesel oil will give a further boost to projects involving small scale liquefaction, LNG fuel systems and bunkering.” Other benefits of LNG include a reduction in carbon footprint, lower fuel costs, noise reduction, cleaner engines and lower maintenance costs.

Although Cryonorm is focused on delivering a turnkey solution through supplying complete LNG systems for both dual fuel and electric propulsion, Cryonorm also has experience in providing components to retrofit projects as well as new-builds, and as such is able to take on the most challenging of requests. For example, in October 2014, the company was selected by Erik Thun AB to supply an LNG fuel system onboard a new-build LNG powered cement carrier. Consisting of a turnkey marine LNG fuel system with 130m3-type C storage tank, which will be installed inside the hull, the project is further confirmation of Cryonorm’s position in the market as a trusted supplier. Meanwhile, in November 2014, the company received an order to supply a turnkey marine LNG fuel system with 30m3-type C storage tank, which is to be installed on deck eight. Working with Gas Natural Fenosa, this major project will see Cryonorm install an LNG system onto a passenger ferry for the first time, while its partner in the project will install the first natural gas engine for power generation on a passenger vessel in Spain.

Proud of its entrepreneurial spirit, Cryonorm will continue to deliver innovative and long-lasting solutions to its growing European customer base. However, as demand increases and further projects materialise, the company is keen to resource experienced and knowledgeable staff that can supply superior products in ground breaking projects, all while maintaining its core values of delivering exceptional customer service.

Cryonorm Systems BV

Services: Cryogenic vaporisers, small scale LNG systems and plants