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Logistical position

The Danish company Danbor Group was founded in 1974, and for the last 40 years it has provided logistics and stevedoring services.

Today, Danbor Ltd is positioned within the UK in Montrose and Aberdeen, Den Helder in the Netherlands and in Esbjerg in Denmark.

Danbor has specialised in creating flexible service solutions to oil and gas operators as well as service companies. The organisation consists of the wind division specialising in wind turbine logistics, the Offshore Construction Group (OCG), working with the production and maintenance of offshore units, the H2S safety services division, offering safety solutions to onshore and offshore projects tailored to customer expectations, and finally, the logistics division. Logistics operations account for nearly half of the revenue at Danbor, covering all logistics services within oil and gas, from agency, custom clearance and freight forwarding to stevedoring and warehousing.

The logistics division is strong within the North Sea oil and gas sector, particularly through freight forwarding and transport between the major oil and gas capitals through sea, airfreight, road haulage, and courier businesses. Additionally, the organisation offers agency services directly to oil and gas and rig operators across a variety of technical areas, procurement, document clearing, custom clearance, bunkering and warehousing.

It is through a history of displaying a high focus on operational safety that the business has developed an expanding client base, rewarded with the premium service and complemented by a full understanding of their needs. Torben Hansen Bredthauer, logistics director explains: “Oil and gas is a ‘here and now’ industry. If our customers need the product from A to B tomorrow, we make sure it is there. We communicate to our clients, having tracked the packages ourselves. We know exactly what is going on and operate proactively to make sure that they get the service and their products on time. In this industry time is money.

“We have a strategic position that we are looking to develop to grow the business. From our location in Montrose we aim to establish a viable and efficient solution for oil and gas operators.”

Managing director for Danbor Ltd, Jens Panum Have, located in Aberdeen adds: “In 2014 we are investing substantially into developing our location in Montrose. By the end of this year we will have a fully operational base that will provide more space and accessibility than is currently available in Aberdeen. One of the biggest problems in Aberdeen is space and access to the harbour. We think Montrose, 45 minutes drive south of Aberdeen, is the answer to this issue.”

The company has successfully undertaken numerous projects for seismic vessels out of its location in Montrose, and has generated interest amongst oil and gas operators and contractors. Whilst operating at speed, health and safety remains a dynamic part of everyday operation with regular audit procedures ensuring an efficient and safe system, as Jens adds: “In our business safety is everyone’s business, and everyone is involved in developing and maintaining the safety culture.”

Employing 550 personnel across a range of divisions and skill sets, Danbor implements training plans for all employees, whatever their position or level. “Through annual appraisals we discuss future skill sets, needs and requirements to fulfil the job. It is through this that we are able to keep the position filled with the highest level of skill. We currently have apprentices across a range of skill sets and it is our future goal to establish an international apprenticeship scheme where we can transfer the employee between different sites within the North Sea and on a global scale,” says Torben.

The logistic success displayed in the oil and gas industry is from experience gained from a knowledge and history of making custom clearance, as Jens details: “We have dealt with local and national legislation in all countries operating in the North Sea. Although most are part of the EU, each has its own national legislation. If a small mistake is made in the handling it has the potential to cost money in delays. We support the companies throughout the process, ensuring the correct actions are followed throughout the freight moving procedure. By being locally present across the North Sea platforms we will gain an overview of how the supply chain is working for specific clients and will be able to provide appropriate consultation to achieve the best solution in terms of money and service.”

Following the opening of the new office in Den Helder in August 2013, the business progresses into 2014 with the opening of a new office in Stavanger, Norway, further establishing key strategic positions around the North Sea. “From our various positions we will be targeting local oil and gas operators to get the quay site operations up and running, and working to facilitate rig operators and other contractors within the oil and gas business.

“Our long-term focus incorporates a greater field of operation with planned global growth across Singapore, Houston, Dubai and Doha. The positioning of Danbor as a viable and global player within the oil and gas sector is a strategy set to significantly grow revenue in the next few years, whilst controlling a growing market dominance in the North Sea,” concludes Torben.

Danbor Ltd
Services: Agency, transport and logistic solutions for the oil and gas industry