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Daya Materials Berhad (DMB) is an oil and gas engineering company basedin Malaysia with a presence throughout theAsia Pacific region.

Founded in 1994, DMBstarted out as a pioneer in the production and marketing of specialised polymers. From thissingle-line business the Group has expanded into oil and gas, offshore construction, downstream chemicals, specialised facility maintenance services, engineering and construction, solvent and waste oil recycling, and ventilation and energy services.

Oil and gas now represents DMB’s single largest and most important business stream.Key activities are concentrated on the provisionof products and services including offshorepipeline services, automated welding, subseainstallation and engineering, upstreamchemicals, FPSO installation, transportation andinstallation, and offshore manpower. Throughvarious strategic partnerships, DMB is alsoventuring into marginal oilfield/brownfielddevelopment, well services, fabrication, EPCIC, and hook-up and commissioning.

“Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Daya Offshore Construction (DOC), a subsidiary of DMB, provides specialised subsea construction, installation, inspection repair and maintenance services that involve complex engineering tothe offshore energy industry worldwide, aimingalways to deliver projects safely, on schedule andwithin budget,” explains Mark Midgley, chief executive officer at the business.

“DOC operates a fleet of vessels in a safe, efficient and effective manner, coupled with technically advanced equipment, survey systems, ROVs and modulated diving systems (MHS) complimented by a fully integrated in-houseengineering and project management capability,” he continues. “We have the capability to respond quickly to our clients’ needs by leveraging the full strength of our global network of service partners.”

This global network is important to DOC in being able to provide a complete service that meets the most demanding requirements of its clients. In fact, it is something that the business is continually looking to expand, progressing towards operating future offices in Norway, the UK, West Africa, theGulf of Mexico and South America, as well ashaving affiliate locations worldwide that offer a wide range of subsea services.

Alongside the company’s ability to serve its clients locally in an efficient, effective and high-quality fashion, Mark highlights a number of other key areas that serve to differentiate DOC from its competitors: “Due to the highly competitive nature of the subsea sector we carefully select vessels that can offer differentiating factors to the industry. In particular, we have recently long-term chartered the OSCV ‘Siem Daya 1’ from Siem Offshore AB,” he explains. “She is an offshore subsea construction vessel designed specifically for subsea operational duties such as construction and installation work, inspection and maintenance. The vessel is of clean hull design, and environmentally friendly with a focus on low fuel consumption through its hull shape and diesel electric machinery.

“With its specially designed hull form and bow shape optimised for all weather conditions and its propulsion configuration, the vessel has particularly good sea keeping abilities, station keeping performance and the ability to keep a high transit speed. She is equipped with a 250ton AHC man riding and a 50ton AHC man riding both rated to 3000 metres. She also has two permanently installed 250 UHD Schilling work class ROVs.”

Of course, the vast range of services that DOC is able to offer means that it works on a number of projects for clients in various sectors. One recent example that Mark is keen to highlight is DOC’s work offshore of Malaysia. “TL Offshore of Malaysia (a SapuraKencana Company) recently awarded DOC the Tapis EOR & Rejuvenation and Telok Gas Development EMEPMI Project in September 2013,” he says. “The scope of work entails provision of DP3 vessels, project management and engineering to support subsea operations related to the installation of 40Km of 4” x6.9kV power and fibre optic cable, the engineering and subsequent installation of rigid spool tie-ins and associated risers ranging from 10” to 18”. DOC’s chartered vessel, the Bourbon Evolution 803, has been engaged to execute the project.”

Whilst DOC’s vision involves continuously broadening the range of subsea services it provides, as well as increasing its fleet capabilities in the coming years, the business remains dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality. As Mark explains, key to providing such a consistently high standard is the broad level of skill and experience that exists within the business. “Our business is driven by the dedication, knowledge and sheer passion of all of our people. Making safety an absolute priority in all we do we realise our motto through our people ‘One Team One Goal Bringing Excellence Subsea’. We strive to be the acknowledged leader and preferred partner in supporting all our clients to succeed in the world’s rapidly evolving oil and gas subsea industry.

“Since our inception, we have been governed by our core values – being committed, being accountable, being resolute and being ethical – all of which shape the culture and define the character of our company,” he continues. “Successful project management is at the core of our business, and is something that we believe to be a key differentiator in setting us apart. For example, our project management teams have years of real world experience, know-how and are completely dedicated to operational safety in the delivery of extremely complex offshore projects. In the same way, our engineers are always seeking to innovate and develop solutions to solve any challenges. They are truly best in class and creative engineering experts in their various disciplines, and are actively involved throughout the life of all of our projects.”

Bearing in mind this dedication to service, quality and success, it is little surprise that DOC has remained successful throughout its history. In terms of the coming years, whilst the changing economic landscape has brought consideration to the market, Mark is confident that the business will retain its successful reputation. “Clearly, the oil and gas industry has changed almost beyond recognition in recent years, and it is clear that we will have to act and think smarter to ensure our continued growth in 2013 and beyond.

“Despite that, we will continue to aggressively pursue lucrative contracts worldwide, and maintain our low overhead onshore divisions by ensuring that we attract and retain the best people the industry has to offer. DOC is poised to deliver best-in-class profitability and above-average growth prospects, and my vision is to take the company further by delivering safe and efficient projects worldwide for the benefit of all our stakeholders and to be a trusted solution driven partner, recognised for its capabilities and resources, for all of our clients,” he concludes.

Daya Offshore Construction
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