Deep Drill

Going the distance

Based on generations of experience, Deep Drill Equipment has grown from a small parts trader, to a recognised specialist in drilling equipment and quality tubulars.

Employing over 20 people and based in the Netherlands, the company caters to the needs of a variety of customers from a range of industries including, oil and gas, geothermal and H.D.D.

Having grown from a business based on trading and adapting surplus material, the company’s pressure and solid control, drilling, handling and wellhead equipment is of the highest standard in the market; while its tubulars sector provides the best in casing, tubing, protector, drill pipe, collars, cement and float equipment. In addition, Deep Drill has a comprehensive service sector, operating rig refurbishments, maintenance and carrying out inspections. One of its latest projects was for a Dutch tomato farmer, involving the supply of a whole casing program, cement and float equipment, wellheads specifically developed and researched to meet the client’s exact needs. This geothermal project involved the drilling of two wells and creating a solution to ensure the easy supply of energy to green houses.

Jurriaan and Jochem Van Amsterdam, general managers of Deep Drill, are the second generation to manage the company, Jochem explains its background: “The company was founded about 32 years ago by my father Mr Van Amsterdam. He started as a trader in bits and pieces, depending on what was available from surplus materials and what he could refurbish. From there he developed a rental division based mainly on tubulars and so two divisions were created. About eight years ago my brother joined the company and I joined four years later.

“Since then we have made a lot of new developments. We are working to supply a complete drilling package for the complete well necessity – everything from the hole up to the surface. We keep a regulated stock of over 3500 tonnes of tubulars, we have complete rig packages for work over and drilling rigs, as well as BOPs and control equipment. Since the two of us continued the business, we have gained another 18 people, and we have operations around the world.”

Deep Drill’s core customers tend to be drilling contractors and energy companies, and though mainly based in Central Europe, the company has operations in Africa, Syria, India, Kazakhstan, Eastern Russia, Scandinavia, UK and Central America – evidence of the organisation’s growing capabilities. The company’s increasing success has been cemented in the past few years with a number of major changes occurring within the business. Deep Drill moved its headquarters to new premises and now has 20,000 square metres of facilities at its fingertips. A new rigging area has been opened for work on rigs and for drilling machine testing, while cleaning and inspection facilities have also been installed, and heavy lifting devices have been put into operation.

Such developments have enabled the business to move from being one that is based on buying and refurbishing surplus materials, to having its own casing and tubing capacity, and large stock of new fully certified equipment, as Jochem explains: “Now we are not only focusing on surplus material but we supply the complete well setup, materials for rental and the fully certified equipment for the job. We have also recently split Deep Drill Equipment into two completely separate divisions – equipment and tubulars – in order to make it easier for customers to recognise the name and its activities. They are known as Deep Drill Equipment and Deep Drill Tubulars.” The third division is known as Rent A Tube, supplying tubulars and handling equipment on a rental basis.

As a small and family orientated company, Deep Drill’s main challenge is in competing with its larger counterparts in the industry. Business in the current climes for such companies will come from rigs returning to base for maintenance while waiting for jobs, and therefore the equipment sector of Deep Drill will see the most opportunity and will have to remain competitive in the market. Jochem highlights what he thinks are the main strengths of the company, enabling it to overcome any challenges: “We are set apart by our huge stock facilities, having one location and a good mix of young very enthusiastic people with older highly experienced people, willing to pass on their knowledge. We have a good financial background, a long history and a proactive fresh aim for the future. The company is highly flexible, willing to work in any field and we are very good at adapting to new situations whilst not losing track of our core business.”

The company’s combination of field and market experience, in conjunction with its quality-conscious and tailor-made drilling and tube solutions, makes it a clear winner for clients all over the world. Having seen the company grow before his eyes, Jochem considers his long-term vision for Deep Drill: “We will always be a family company with a family atmosphere. Our creed is that our doors are always open and everyone is welcome; it may be a small retail idea but I wish to be available for all kinds of operations. Our slogan is ‘we go the distance’ meaning that we are there for the long run – we build up slowly, but what we build is solid.”

Deep Drill

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