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The Data-Driven Drilling and Production Conference (DDDP) is the world’s largest data-driven oil & gas event, bringing together over 70 operators with digital giants, top service providers, and ground-breaking gamechangers. This is where the future direction of the industry is forged says Tom Glover

The oil & gas industry is evolving. Slow to the uptake of the ‘digital age’ and industry 4.0, the industry is finally entering its digital adolescence, standing on the brink of a true transformation. The theoretical implications of digitalisation, AI, Automation, the Edge and the Cloud for the industry have been well documented. The path to their practical deployment, however, has not.

That’s why Upstream Intelligence created Data-Driven Drilling and Production (DDDP). To cut through the digital hype and reveal clear examples of the strides taken towards this new digitalindustrial synthesis. Attendees at this conference don’t hear about the hypothetical imaginings of what could be. They see the industry’s future.

Returning for its 5th year, DDDP cements its place as the greatest data-driven event in the O&G calendar. You’ll not only hear from senior decision makers – Shell’s GM Emerging Digital Technologies and VP IT Innovation, Chesapeake’s C.D.O, Equinor’s VP of Operational excellence – but you’ll see first hand through operator live demonstrations how they are leveraging data to optimise production, reduce downtime, and save millions. You’ll see all the best gamechangers across, not one, but two shark-tank technology showcases. You’ll have access to five workshops, over 60 exhibitors, and three tracks dedicated to data-driven production, data-driven drilling, and, new this year, the digital subsurface.

In the latter, you’ll see how data and new technology are changing subsurface oil & gas. You’ll learn how Repsol are empowering geoscientists with quantitative interpretation through the Cloud, how one operator has used AI to slash the time taken to interpret seismic data, the first live demonstration of the Open Subsurface Data Universe, and the latest in achieving the ultimate synergy of data and physics – a breakthrough in reservoir understanding.

On our drilling track you’ll get the inside scoop on Anadarko’s real-time drilling journey and see, first-hand, a live demonstration of their online user interface. You’ll hear about how service companies are leveraging Edge computing as they lay out their road map to automated drilling.

In our production track, you’ll get the latest on digital technology, IoT implementation, the latest case studies in AI & machine learning in production optimisation, and how companies are enacting that all important culture change to deliver the digital transformation.

We have the biggest companies in oil. We have the biggest companies in tech. We have the E&P independents, the giant service providers, the game-changing start-ups, and the data-driven specialists. We have all the key decision makers and the future of the industry, all under one roof. The question is, are you going to be a part of it?

I hope to see you in Houston.

Tom Glover is a Senior Industry Analyst at Upstream Intelligence.
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11-12 June 2019
Data-Driven Drilling and Production 2019
750 attendees, 60+ exhibitors
June 11-12, 2019, Royal Sonesta Hotel, Houston, TX