Digital solutions provide the answers

ABB is investing in a series of pilot projects aimed at bringing new digital products, services and solutions to industry. All projects are built using the ABB Ability platform, which, by using digitally enabled industry solutions, collects, stores, searches, finds, views and analyses data. The data is then presented as useful information in different contexts and timeframes.

The pilot projects extend from agile manufacturing, cloud based collaboration and energy grid of the future to cyber asset management, digitally enabled process performance services and condition based maintenance. Three projects specifically targeting the oil, gas and chemicals sectors, address the untapped potential of condition based maintenance, servicing of rotating equipment and finetuning process performance of installed control systems.

The first project targets maintenance, one of the most significant and untapped areas of cost savings in oil, gas and chemical facilities. The project provides customers with the services, tools and information needed to capture, trust and act upon data and online information generated by today’s installed condition monitoring systems. It ensures electrical equipment maintenance is only performed when necessary and not on an arbitrary schedule, eliminating needless interruption and reducing expenditures.

A second project, targeting rotating equipment, provides a suite of analytical services and applications that give access to good quality data, identifies failure patterns of rotating equipment and predicts their potential failures. The third project focuses on digitally enabled process performance services. It aims to improve operation and production quality by collecting data from customers’ existing assets, identifying areas where process improvement is needed, suggesting approaches to address challenges and deficits, and then implementing the services necessary to strengthen performance.