Domino Highvoltage Supply Inc.

Domino Highvoltage Supply draws on the resources of its parent company to expand its distribution services into large material management projects.

Early next year, work will begin on the Fort Mac West 500kv Transmission Project, an immense infrastructure project that includes adding approximately 500 kilometers – 310.6 miles – of new energy transmission lines within northern Alberta.

Procuring and managing the electrical lines, poles and other materials necessary for a project of this scale can be a highly daunting task. Domino Highvoltage Supply Inc., the company handling the procurement and material management for the Fort Mac West project, is more than up to the challenge.

“Material management for projects is a growing area of work for us,” says Peter Siemens, vice president of the Vancouver-based power product distribution company. “We are uniquely positioned to be one of the few companies that can manage projects like this start to finish.”

The company’s proprietary software system, which it adapted from its in-house supply chain management software, enables it to trace the flow of materials from project inception through vendor selection, QA/QC, manufacturing, expediting, receiving to site and issued to the right of way. Domino Highvoltage’s engineering, procurement and construction division looks after both the procurement and material yards aspects of any project, giving the client a single point of contact for any related issues and reporting requirements.

“Large projects may have $200 million or more worth of material that needs to be managed,” Siemens says. ”Domino’s EPC division has the personnel required to fill this unique space in our industry.”

Many of the materials handled by Domino Highvoltage on projects like Fort Mac West are manufactured by companies located around the world. “The market has become very global – it used to be based in just North America, now we’re getting materials from every corner of the globe,” Siemens says. “We have strong relationships with a myriad of suppliers worldwide, which allows us to fill our customers’ requirements easily and capably.”

Domino Highvoltage is a leading distributor of power transmission and distribution products to clients across Canada and the United States, particularly in western Canada and Ontario. The company’s customers include mining companies, oil and gas companies, private utilities, power line contractors and public sector clients.

‘Uniquely Positioned’
Domino Highvoltage began its procurement process in 2015 and will begin its management of materials and yards on the Fort Mac West 500kv Transmission Project in the fourth quarter of 2016. The project, which is anticipated to conclude in 2019, will be built by Alberta Power Line, a limited partnership between Quanta Services and ATCO Group. The lead construction company in the partnership is Valard Construction, a Quanta company.

Based in Houston, Quanta Services is a leading provider of specialized contracting services to the electric power and oil and gas industries. Quanta acquired Domino Highvoltage in January 2015 to complement the engineering and construction companies already under its umbrella. “Quanta’s model is to allow the companies they bring in to still operate as separate business units. As a procurement company, we were brought in to complete the EPC loop and give Quanta a better market opportunity to pursue larger projects,” Siemens says. “As a part of Quanta, we can now go in and complete a project from beginning to end.”

Domino Highvoltage works with other companies within the Quanta family, such as Valard, as well as other contracting and engineering firms. “Every power line contractor in Canada is a customer of ours,” he adds.

The company’s affiliation with Quanta also gives it access to its parent’s one-of-a-kind training facility in Texas. “It is hard in our industry to find people and then train them – this is a good thing to have at our disposal,” Siemens says.

Since its acquisition by Quanta, Domino Highvoltage has experienced 25 percent growth in its revenues. The company continues to expand its operations. Recently, Domino Highvoltage opened a new warehouse in Northern British Columbia, and expanded its U.S. operations by opening a new office in Seattle.

The company, in collaboration with its siblings in Quanta, is pursuing projects across North America. “With all the tools we have available to us, we are very uniquely positioned in the marketplace,” Siemens adds.
Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia
Employees: 25 to 40
Specialty: Power product distribution, manufacturing and EPC