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With a history dating back to 1889 in Lübeck, Germany, Draeger has successfully grown to include respiratory protection, gas detection, personal escape systems, diving equipment and medical products in its wide portfolio.

Since the invention of the first carbonic acid pressure reducing valve by Heinrich Draeger in 1899, to the Draeger PSS range of Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus around 100 years later, Draeger has been dedicated to respiratory protection and the defence of human life. In 1930, Auguste Piccard was the first person to fly into the stratosphere in a light metal balloon using Draeger Draeger 08 2009 bapparatus and Draeger oxygen equipment was used by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay when they became the first people to conquer Mount Everest. Marine researcher Jacques Cousteau also relied on innovative Draeger technology back in the 1950’s.

Today, Draeger Safety is one of the world’s leading authorities on specialist safety equipment. With a philosophy based on forward thinking and a strong customer focus, the company has retained the best of traditional systems whilst creating leading edge, innovative safety products and services.

Designed to provide accurate, reliable protection against a wide variety of toxic and explosive hazards, Draeger’s highly engineered products include portable gas detection instruments, fixed gas detection systems, flame detection and alcohol and drug detection equipment. Half and full mask respirators are also included together with chemical protection suits, personal escape systems, breathing apparatus, airline systems, helmets and a host of fire and rescue service accessories.

By working closely with its customers throughout industry and the emergency services, Draeger is able to combine extensive experience with knowledgeable research and development to create innovative products that meet specific needs. Relationships with the emergency services, for instance, are particularly important to the company with many of its products, including portable drug and alcohol detection systems, being used by both the police force and fire brigades. Indeed, one of Draeger’s latest and significant contracts involves the supply of breathing apparatus and monitoring systems to the London Fire Brigade.

Such key contracts provide the business with the utmost credibility, highlighting Draeger as being one of the best in the industry, making it a popular choice for those wishing to protect their personnel in the oil and gas market.

Providing a comprehensive selection of products and systems solutions for every conceivable customer requirement, each of the Draeger products combine ergonomics and wearer comfort with user safety and a modern, practical design. They are also designed to be cost effective, durable and easy to use.

Every year, Draeger invests around five percent of its sales revenue on research and development. In addition, the sophisticated in-house research department continually works with different Draeger 08 2009 cengineering and scientific disciplines in a variety of national and international projects. Technology scouting and joint studies with scientific institutions also ensure the ongoing identification and monitoring of relevant fields of technology.

This international approach has led to the development of more and more products that are specifically designed with the user in mind. For instance, extensive work-studies with the Rotterdam Fire Brigade led to improvements in the ergonomics of compressed air breathing apparatus whilst both on and offshore gas detection systems have been significantly enhanced by studying customer feedback.

As suppliers to the top ten oil refineries in the UK, Draeger is also working closely with other oil, gas and petrochem organisations on a global basis. In fact, Draeger’s knowledge of harmful and dangerous substances and extensive service and support facilities make for an ideal partnership with the oil and gas industry.

A wide variety of hazardous substance measurement, personal rescue, and decompression chambers and systems are available to aid the integrity of a ship, rig or port’s safety network. In addition, Draeger offers extensive training programmes, safety management solutions and a network of individual service packages around the world. The organisation’s technical specialists are based at key ports including Rotterdam, Houston, Singapore and Hamburg to ensure that they are never too far away to provide help and assistance. Furthermore, Draeger maintains an online hazardous substance database that enables customers to input the name of a substance and receive a list of the protective equipment needed to safeguard from it.

Draeger has been dedicated to the provision of safety for more than 100 years, consistently putting protection at the forefront of all its designs. Over the years, the company has taken leadership and responsibility in the field of safety equipment and quality processes, implementing new discoveries and combining user needs with the practicalities of industrial requirements and legislation. Today, operating in close conjunction with those in the oil and gas arena, Draeger is able to provide cutting edge solutions that protect against the ever increasing range of hazardous issues found in the 21st century.

Draeger Safety UK Limited

Products: Gas detection, respiratory protection, personal escape systems