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Newly formed in January 2014, Drilling Service Center is a company that has evolved out of the Deep Drill Supply Group and incorporates over 30 years of experience in supplying drill services and equipment to clients throughout Europe and beyond.

B.G.H van Amsterdam founded Deep Drill during 1980 before the second generation of Amsterdam entrepreneurs identified the need for an experience centre in Europe combining supply, storage and handling services. This led to formation of Drilling Service Center as a central hub for Deep Drill and several partners forming a cohesive, customer facing umbrella company that provides an all-inone shop for specialist requirements.

Presently Drilling Service Center is comprised of four partners, with each company focusing on a highly specialised part of the drilling process. Deep Drill Supply Group provides a wide range of drilling equipment through direct sales and on a rental basis. As an OEM distributor and service provider, Deep Drill Supply Group supplies pressure control, flow line and drill string equipment as well as well equipment including oil country tubular goods (OCTG), cement and float and wellhead assemblies. Other partners include Equipment Trading International (ETI), which operates as a global company trading surplus and downgraded equipment; SMFR, specialising in the fabrication and repair of tubulars, equipment and accessories and TD Well Solutions, a Tercel dealer that supplies high quality drill bits, reamers and stabilizers and innovative equipment to ensure tubulars reach TD through sales and rentals providing Total Depth Solutions

Although Drilling Service Center and its partners already encompasses a broad base of products and services, it continues to grow and incorporate new services into its portfolio. “What the centre does is focus on the synergies between all of the partners in the Drilling Service Center,” says managing director Jochem van Amsterdam. “What is really interesting is that besides the four partners, there is another partner joining us soon. This is an inspection company and it will take care of the centre’s third party inspections. In addition with this new partner we will start developing pipe cleaning storage and handling and conservation services, so in this respect the Drilling Service Center will be able to give a full service package so that contractors and operators will be able to drill a well but also to maintain the well most efficient and effective.”

Drilling Service Center is ideally located in Middenmeer, the Netherlands from where the main Dutch offshore ports in Amsterdam, Den Helder, Harlingen and Ijmuiden can all be reached within 45 minutes. Through the use of the Netherland’s efficient transport infrastructure the company has excellent access to the rest of Europe and its major international harbours. Drilling Service Center’s Middenmeer headquarters employs around 70 staff and includes warehouse facilities of around 4100 square metres, yard space of 19,500 metres, a 1500 square metre workshop, 1500 square metres of cleaning and inspection area and offices, meeting and training rooms comprising 27,000 square metres. In addition to its strong presence in Western Europe, through its partners, Drilling Service Center has branch offices in Algeria, Egypt and Romania providing support to its customers around the world at a local level.

Presently Drilling Service Center and its associated companies remain focused on European projects, where it has developed a clear and targeted business strategy. “Our current target is the North Sea and we are only 40 kilometres from Europe’s main North Sea ports,” Jochem explains. “We focus mainly on the smaller, independent manufacturers so the equipment that we sell is at the same quality or ever better than that of the majors, while remaining cost effective. Because we focus on the synergy between all of the partners in the group, there is no competition as all of the companies focus on different areas so they are very complimentary. So for a customer to come to buy or rent equipment or to use services, they can come to one centre and only need to deal with a few people and this greatly simplifies logistics, invoicing and quality control. It’s an all-in-one service centre and we provide all of the stock and services under one roof.

“We have long standing experience throughout Deep Drill Center, so the only real change was to move to the Drilling Service Center and to make it one specific entity. Operationally things have not changed much, however customers now see Drilling Service Center as an umbrella company and this makes everything much more accessible for clients and offshore/onshore drilling contractors.”

Drilling Service Center is firmly established on the European mainland and the region’s oil and gas market, however, the company anticipates that over the next ten to 20 years production will be entered in the emerging markets within Northern Africa and the Middle East. As part of its strategy to establish itself in expanding markets its main partner, Deep Drill, has opened a sales office in Algeria in association with agents with which the company has had a successful relationship for several years. Over the coming years the business will look to opportunities in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Romania and surrounding countries as possible regions for expansion.

Now that Drilling Service Center has been established as the customer facing umbrella for Deep Drill and its associated partners, the firm will look to focus its efforts on delivering targeted services that differentiate it from of market players, as Jochem concludes: “Business growth is mainly in specialist services rather than diversifying. Previously the companies at the service centre could do all brands and products, but during the past three years they have been much more focused on specific core businesses and brands and developing those. We are also focused on supplying very cost-effective but high quality products compared to what the majors are supplying. Recently through Deep Drill we have worked with RAG in Austria, NAM in the Netherlands, Chevron and Noble – these are customers that are much bigger then we normally focus on, but over the past years it has been noticed that Deep Drill makes a difference so we are able to supply these larger companies. This is something we are very proud of. We are also proud to announce the co-operation between TSP and Deep Drill, developing drill collars and heavy weight drill pipe under API 7 and NS 1 license. Come and check us out on the SPE ATCE in Amsterdam, booth 3022.”

Drilling Service Center
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