Sun setting over an array of solar panels

Electron Green to fight the energy crisis

In tackling the energy crisis that UK businesses are currently facing, Electron Green has pledged £1 billion in funding to install solar nationwide

The company will kickstart a solar electricity revolution for businesses by putting free solar panels on commercial rooftops. As a result, it will be able to offer low-cost solar electricity to occupants, starting at 20p per unit, in the face of the energy crisis.

British businesses are up against skyrocketing energy costs, with some electricity prices jumping from 17p to 70p per kilowatt hour. With many struggling with their high-price electricity contracts, the energy crisis is closing down previously viable and successful firms.

According to recent FSB research, 24 percent of small companies are trapped in fixed energy contracts. With a further 28 percent (370,000 small businesses) needing to downsize, restructure or close entirely as a result.   

Electron Green is going to transform the way businesses buy electricity by mixing lower-cost solar with higher-cost utility supplies. £1 billion would pay for the installation and maintenance of 3.4 million solar panel systems across 14,000 commercial buildings nationwide. Thereby, removing the current upfront cost and risk associated with commercial solar electricity.

“Businesses cannot continue to be at the whim of Big Energy and market volatility.” Daniel Green of Electron Green commented. “It’s time to shake up the energy buying status quo and embrace low-cost on-site renewables.”

“£1 billion would enable thousands of businesses to take back control of their electricity energy spend for the first time.” The CEO and Co-Founder continued: “Adding low-cost green solar electricity to businesses’ energy mix will significantly reduce bills. This is essential to not only save the SME backbone of our economy from breaking but to also hit net zero goals.”