Emco Oilfield Services

Redefining the industry

Utilising technology where none existed before, Emco has evolved to become Nigeria’s leading supplier of pollution control equipment.

The company is committed to developing both the most innovative technology and the highest standards of employee safety and training, all to provide customers with an unparalleled quality of service and value with their long-term success in mind.

Emco Oilfield Services Limited is the product of an indigenous conception between a group of Nigerian entrepreneurs with investment spanning information technology, real estate, banking, manufacturing and trading. The company was incorporated in February 2003 and commenced business in September of the same year. The story of Emco is one of vision, determination and perseverance in the face of significant odds.

Emco’s steady progress and development has helped it become a leader of its type in the environmental and waste management services industry and this can be attributed to visionary leadership, principled business practices, innovative services and a vast array of talented, committed employees at all levels and locations in the country. It has become a very focused company operating on a much larger stage. High standards were set at the very beginning for excellence in every facet of the business, and this path has been followed without deviation.

Still headquartered in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, Emco now offers its clients the most comprehensive and advanced array of offshore/onshore environmental services available from a single company. These solutions enable companies to comply with EGASPIN legislation, and include consultancy services; environmental management, with a specialty in waste management, oil spill response and emergency response, and remediation.

One of the many ways that Emco serves its clients is to make sure that they are always prepared for the worst-case scenario. Although there is no amount of equipment that can adequately prepare a company for an oil spill, Emco provides clients with a solid response infrastructure, based on assessment services that are designed to advise and assist in the determination of appropriate equipment types, stock levels and response measures necessary to protect the environment at, and adjacent to, their facilities and installations. Over the years since its inception, Emco has attended a number of incidents in the region and is an organisation now recognised by the industry as a reliable provider of emergency response equipment and services, even some of the more remote and inhospitable locations.

As a national provider of complete oil spill solutions, Emco is able to cater to all levels of oil spill response requirements. Its services are technologically innovative and comprehensive enough to enable clients achieve their goals – regardless of scope or complexity.

Having responded to a series of marine and land-based oil spill incidents, Emco’s knowledge and level of experience in the field of oil spill response is unsurpassed. Offering a vast array of specialised response equipment and support from a dedicated team of logistics specialists, spill accountants, and communications experts, Emco is able to respond in a prompt, efficient and cost effective manner to incidents wherever they may be in the country.

As well as working on individual projects, Emco often works in partnership with respected businesses, and an example of one such relationship is with Vikoma International. Vikoma International leads the world in the design and manufacture of oil and chemical pollution control systems, with a reputation in the global oil spill industry for developing innovative, high performance products to deal with the full range of oil spill response scenarios.

In addition to this partner, Emco is the Nigerian representative and sole agent of Selwood Limited, UK. Selwood has designed and manufactured mobile site pumps since 1955 and now has the quietest and most environmentally friendly pumps on the market with 70 per cent exported through a worldwide distribution network that includes Emco.

Also in the remediation division, Lubtech UK has appointed Emco as local representatives to supply its range of oil absorbent products. Established in 1997 and headquartered in Wellington Park, Southampton, UK, Lubtech has grown to become the market leading and nationally accepted brand for spill control products. Finally, in the waste management sector, with experience in handling industrial, universal and hazardous wastes, Emco has the ability to effectively manage waste streams from both marine and shore-based customers.

Emco takes immense pride in its achievements and the reputation it holds in the industry; and constantly remembers the guiding principles and core disciplines that made it happen. It is committed to being not only the top environmental services contractor in Nigeria but also the safest. The company’s founder and current managing director/CEO, Hycinth C Elueme, introduced this dedication at the very beginning, and has dedicated his tenure at Emco to improving the safety of all employees in the company’s operations irrespective of location. His commitment to their safety and training has set a standard in the environmental services industry in Nigeria, and is behind the company’s strong philosophy of: ‘People Going Home Safely.’

Emco Oilfield Services
Services: Offshore/onshore environmental services