Emerson’s new Ovation Green platform is set to simplify automation

The new system applies the firm’s own means with a recent acquisition’s software.

In combining its recently acquired Mita-Teknik software and technology, industry-leading Ovation automation platform, cybersecurity solutions, and remote management capabilities, Emerson has developed its Ovation Green portfolio. This new platform will simplify renewables automation and support power producers in building and scaling sustainable operations.

While some existing systems can provide some layers of connectivity between assets, such as wind turbines, solar arrays, lithium-ion batteries, and hydrogen electrolysers, Emerson’s new portfolio will delver a single set of purpose-built software and solutions in one standardized, intuitive platform.

“Countries around the globe are focused on transitioning to a clean energy economy in the coming decades,” stated Bob Yeager, President of Power and Water Solutions. “While green energy is a simple concept that everyone understands, the road to implementation is not always clear. With the Ovation Green portfolio, our software, support, and solutions are unified in one system from a trusted provider to help power producers quickly, easily, and reliably manage their renewable electricity operations.”

It will provide owners with real-time and historic operations information, resulting in greater visibility and control of all renewable assets across their enterprise. The integrated portfolio of data-driven asset control and management solutions enables a secure, standardized access to data, independent of equipment manufacturer or system type, across a single or multiple sites. This in turn will improve actionable intelligence and better-informed decisions to increase availability and production, while reducing costs.