Engineered Software Products

As the provider of process control engineering and equipment for its customers, Engineered Software Products (ESP) is a big part of what puts the “turnkey” in Turnkey Processing Solutions. “ESP provides complete power and automation solutions for Turnkey’s clients,” explains Jim Batten, vice president of sales. “We are essentially a one-stop shop for the entire process control system.”

For proof that ESP is a fully integrated piece of Turnkey Processing Solutions’ operations, one need look no further than the history of the two companies’ partnership. “We have been working with Turnkey since its inception,” Batten says. “Our relationship with the company’s principals goes back even further.”

Just as Turnkey offers its clients complete integrated service, ESP provides its customers with complete packaged power and controls solutions, and prefabricated electrical buildings, Batten says. Not only does this set ESP apart from its competition, but it helps streamline Turnkey’s processes in a way that provides added value to customers. “Traditionally, there could be three or four different vendors coming together to supply all of the power and control system components independent of each other,” Batten says. “That approach not only complicates the process, but also increases costs.

“Our ability to turnkey the automation package simplifies the integration, streamlines the startup and lowers costs,” he continues. “Our prefabricated electrical buildings are a natural fit for the packaged solution concept.”

Behind those services is a client-centric business model that Batten says guarantees a smooth fit for customers. “Our client-centric business model is an engineering approach based on standards and lowering the cost of ownership,” he says. “The concept is based on standardizing each layer of the engineering process. Our systems are designed to minimize the support cost and simplify the field engineer’s or technician’s life.”

Batten says the partnership between Turnkey and ESP will continue to be a mutually beneficial one for the foreseeable future, and that Turnkey understands the value of having a partner like ESP on which it can rely. “It is a very integrated partnership,” he says. “We provide a service that they would otherwise have to bring in-house. Our work in multiple industries and experience with all the major control systems provides TPS with a very reliable engineering resource.”