Environmental Materials Inc. and Warren Transport Inc.

Environmental Materials Inc. (EMI) and affiliate Warren Transport Inc. work together to support the oil and gas industry in the Bakken Shale and elsewhere. Both companies are based in Billings, Mont., with multiple locations including in Williston, N.D.

EMI recycles industrial byproducts such as coal fly ash, lime kiln dust, synthetic gypsum and cement kiln dust into the oil and gas, construction, waste management and other industries. The company uses these materials to produce ENVIRO DRY®, a proprietary fly ash-based blend that can be formulated to meet the performance needs of individual customers and markets. The product can be used to solidify and stabilize drill cuttings as well as to dry fluid waste streams. EMI also offers ASTM C618 Class C fly ash for soil stabilization projects.

“ENVIRO DRY® and EMI’s services have been put to the test successfully in the highly active Bakken oilfields,” the company says. “With proven performance with fresh water, brine and oil-based drill cuttings, we deliver superior results as a drying and bonding agent.”

The company also offers on-site technical support. “EMI’s No. 1 goal is top-notch customer service,” the company adds. “Our products are environmentally sound and production methods are environmentally safe for our valuable employees and neighbors.” EMI is registered with ISNetworld, which is an oil and gas industry certified safety program.

Customer Centered
Environmental Materials’ affiliation with Warren Transport allows it to delivers ENVIRO DRY® 24/7 to customers throughout North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. “Our relationship with Warren Transport reduces delays due to transport limitations and equipment shortages,” the company says.

Warren Transport operates a fleet of more than 90 trucks and 140 pneumatic, flat bed, side-dump, belly-dump, and live bottom belt trailers. The company’s “Warren Hot Shot” service in North Dakota, offers added versatility that its customers demand. The company delivers bagged and bulk fly ash as well as bulk cement, lime, coal, aggregates and other materials to customers in the oil, gas, electrical generation, construction and waste management industries.

Like its counterpart company, Warren Transport places a large emphasis on safety and customer service. The company prides itself on its record of limited driver accidents and injuries and low workmen’s compensation rates. The company is guided by the values of safety, open communication, teamwork, positive spirit, honesty and integrity, as well as a commitment to deliver to its customers, it adds.

“At Warren Transport, our customers are at the center of everything we do, and our employees are our most valuable resource,” the company says. “Warren Transport distinguishes itself as a leader in providing customers with transportation solutions and the very best in quality customer service, clear communication and on-time delivery at competitive trucking rates.”

A United Team
Warren Transport was founded in Laurel, Mont., in 1989 as Warren Way West. It moved to its current location and changed its name in 1993.

Since 1993, the company has expanded through acquisition as well as through the formation of affiliates such as EMI, which was incorporated in 2010.

Other company affiliates include:

EnviroWorks, a civil construction division specializing in aspahlt, soil and redmediation work;
ProEnergy, which offers cutting processing units used by oil drilling companies to mix mud, water and oil with ENVIRO DRY® and other fly ash based by-products; and
Quarry Services, a mining industry services company. EMI