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All gas and no breaks

Abu Dhabi is known to be one of the leading cities involved in the oil and gas industry, and such an established reputation is owed to companies like Euro Mechanical who care about the success of its city. Driven by a mission that is environmentally-forward, the company strives to strengthen partnerships with those who share its interests to provide responsive and collaborative client assistance. This ethos means that Euro Mechanical is also determined to push its expansions into new possibilities that help cultivate the development of Abu Dhabi.

Euro Mechanical’s business specializes in advanced technologies, construction and maintenance services, fabrication, machining solutions and nondestructive testing. With each new acquisition and in-house expansion, the company has sought to ensure that the principles of integrity, trust and long-term development remain at the foundation of its growth.

The company was founded in 1976 under the family name of the Al Hurrs. The business’s first assignment involved the building and installation of gas turbines for power stations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. After the successful completion of the project, the company saw the opportunity to extend its staff when the need for specialized labor to oversee the efficient operation of gas turbines became essential to the longevity of the turbines.

During the early 80s, as the power stations and oilfields saw further development and growth across the country, the installed plants required maintenance and replacement of interior parts. Euro Mechanical invested in delivering the necessary support and expertise to establish itself as a household name within the maintenance sector. From there, the bolting division was formed to deliver expert services in bolts, tensions and torque. The company’s bolting-related services are designed to suit a diverse range of applications in various working environments throughout the industrialized world. With many unique features developed with its products, the business prioritizes safety, reliability and simplicity.

In the final instalment of its on-site development, the fabrication division was established in 2006 and built on approximately 23,000 square meters of land within Abu Dhabi’s industrial city. The facility was introduced to manufacture process skids for oilfields, water treatment plants, power plants, prefabricate piping, equipment and structures, and is equipped to provide services to clients within the United Arab Emirates, as well as those located internationally. The facility additionally employs engineers and shop floor staff skilled in the fabrication and assembly of pressure vessels, water bath heaters, heat exchangers, columns, fin fan coolers, pipe spools and full skid packages with painting. Euro Mechanical’s associate company, Suez Oil and Gas Systems, is based within the same facility and together the companies offer solutions for gas conditioning and processing, crude dehydration and desalting, oil and gas and water separators and both further assist in producing water treatment units.

Each new development has allowed the company to make its name synonymous with world-class specialization. Today, Euro Mechanical is proud to support a further four divisions that form part of its service delivery, namely agencies, construction, manpower and testing. On the note of its agencies divisions, this is a key supplier for process control instrumentation of its products, which extends its offerings to the petrochemical and oil and gas industry. This facet to the company provides an extensive range of services and products in the UAE. Because of the efficiency fueling this division, the company prides itself on being highly competitive at sourcing equipment from across the globe, ensuring that the products are delivered swiftly to the customer.

Outside of providing products that are essential to the oil and gas industry, the company’s construction sector is said to be at the core of the business and a vital part to its success. In this regard, the company offers services from the installation of turbines for general electrics, fabrication of stainless and low-temperature carbon steel, to the construction of access lifts for liquefied natural gas storage tanks. The construction team is equipped to provide its own dedicated long-term workforce and engineers and trade personnel who have been involved in multiple projects both on and offshore. This has given it the experience and necessary facilities to tackle technical staffing requirements and currently employs over 500 personnel. This ecosystem of sectors is then processed through state-of-the-art nondestructive testing instruments in order to guarantee high quality products that meet international standards.

Exploring upstream
It goes without saying that this impressive list of products and services would not be possible without robust leadership and an experienced senior management. Each team member believes in the potential of their company and is determined to see its name at the forefront of the oil industry. The company believes that management should be involved in creating a working environment where people are deeply integrated into the journey of the business’s expansion. By maintaining the balance between a thorough work ethic and an organized management team, the business can then thrive while performing effectively. From a more practical aspect, this vision has been supplemented by the installation of a new quality management system (QMS). The QMS meets the requirements of interested parties and social, environmental and charitable parties and is also supported by an internal audit program to ensure continuous suitability and conformity.

All these noteworthy implementations are also encouraging Euro Mechanical to push its boundaries even further. In November 2020, Euro Mechanical’s management set on a mission to change the trajectory of its business by exploring the upstream needs of the UAE’s oil and gas industry. As a result, it made the move to purchase SAMCO, a commercial agency located in Abu Dhabi. Although the company did not envisage finding and completing a suitable acquisition to achieve its upstream objectives until 2023, the Chairman of the company Ahmed Al Hurr Al Suwaidi presented the SAMCO opportunity in February of last year. “It’s an exciting time for Euro Mechanical,” he commented. “By adding SAMCO to the Euro Mechanical family, it will allow us to achieve the goal of serving the upstream demands of the oil and gas market, and most importantly, we will be able to support the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).”

In a further development, Euro Mechanical also partnered with TACHYUS, a leading Silicon Valley technology company that is dedicated to the oil and gas sector. Together, these companies are determined to provide solutions to optimize energy production using data-driven decisions.

Even when it comes to corporate social responsibility, Euro Mechanical holds an exemplary standard that continues to reach for higher values. The business is dedicated to leaving a legacy that is centered around community care for its employees, the environment and charities. On-site, the company boasts of working towards encouraging a diverse team and establishing a workspace in which there is mutual trust and respect. It believes that in order for its employees to thrive in their work, it must cultivate an environment where each employee has the potential to perform to the best of their abilities. One of the ways in which it achieves this is to maintain a two-way communication system between management and employees to provide them with necessary information and consultation procedures to perform safely and efficiently.

Collaborative relationships
In the same breath, the environment is considered to be one of the key responsibilities at Euro Mechanical. The company is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint and training staff to be environmentally conscious by monitoring and continuously improving its production impact is embedded in the company ethos. Its heart for the environment also extends to its community, both nationally and internationally. The company is determined to sustain its support for charitable organizations such as Operation Smile, Water Aid, Future Hope Centre for Humanitarian Services, Ashraya Charitable Society and Anawim Lay Missions Foundation, each located in the UAE, UK, India and Philippines respectively.

Euro Mechanical will continue to expand its business on an international scale. It is devoted to becoming a trusted partner by investing in long-term collaborative relationships with employees, clients and suppliers alike. The combusiness has supported the growth of Abu Dhabi’s energy sector for the past 40 years with proficient solutions and expertise, and by encouraging a high level of service quality, consistency and customer satisfaction, it is proud to have built a reputation cemented on professional services, responsiveness and client assistance.

Euro Mechanical
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