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Raising the bar

With an esteemed track record reaching back over 23 years of service history, FG International Holland BV is growing in recognition for its superior flare tip replacement, inspection innovation and maintenance both on- and offshore.

Holding unrivalled knowledge and experience in the three main fields of flares, tanks and special lifting, the company is deployable throughout the world and serves all of the major oil, gas and chemical companies. The business is founded on the fact that its techniques and facilities make crane lifting redundant, boasting a whole string of benefits for quicker and smoother tank inspection FG 09 2009 band flare tip replacement.

Frank Geerdink, managing director of FG International Holland BV, outlines the company’s key strengths: “We offer the greatest track record and have done for some time now. This asset has convinced some of the most stubborn operators that our unconventional solutions are not only a safe but highly economical alternative to using cranes and helicopters. In regards to our tank inspections and the specialised constructions we deploy, there is no need for huge quantities of scaffolding. Instead we can inspect every inch of a tank in a matter of days and have completed the investigation of a 50,000 cubic metre starch tank in a mere two weeks. With special lifting we make the impossible, possible. We are able to place a customer’s specialised equipment underneath the deck of an offshore rig due to lack of space on the deck itself, thereby providing a solution that was thought impossible. Technically, operationally and financially our capabilities are the best in the industry.”

Making use of innovative design, ultra-light and enormously strong lifting facilities, FG International Holland BV can reach where conventional cranes have difficulty getting access. The super light rigging capabilities of the company amaze even the most experienced crane experts, while its ability to provide detailed information of a construction by its unique combined access and hoisting techniques impresses a wide range of clients. A traditional crane hook being used on a flare structure is unable to give knowledge on the conditions at the top – what is required and what is needed to get back up to the correct standard for efficient operation over the next four to six years: “All of this is incorporated in the package we provide. We are not only lowering the old flare and lifting the new one, but we have such in-depth knowledge of what a flare needs to do, how it needs to do it and what it needs to facilitate it. We carry out this assessment months ahead of the change-out, where we investigate the equipment, materials and present performance so we are well prepared for a successful replacement – this is how we differ from competitors,” Frank notes.

FG International Holland BV techniques are unique to the industry and can be deployed on a variety of buildings, constructions, structures, works of art, bridges, aerial towers and wind generators, to name but a few. The company’s ease of access is a major attraction especially in tank inspection where entrance can be gained in days, not weeks and discoveries of troublesome spots or FG 09 2009 cweakened areas can be alerted to customers immediately, meaning further preparations for repair or replacement can be arranged swiftly. The business is forever aiming to develop its strategies to be better and quicker. Throughout its 23-year history hundreds of flare tip replacements, tank inspections and lifts have been carried out by the company’s 50-strong skilled workforce and techniques have been improved and undergone a series of changes throughout. FG International Holland BV has influence throughout the world including South America, Africa, South East Asia and Australia, with the only place of disinterest being China where the benefits fail to outweigh the cost of setting up operations.

Frank highlights some of the organisation’s latest projects: “We have carried out a number of highly challenging flare tips on FPSO’s and recently completed a difficult one in the North Sea for a French company that was running to a very tight schedule and we met all demands to high success. We are carrying out projects that involve lifting neon signs onto 200 metre high towers and lifting special devices for cranes onto the crane itself both onshore and offshore – these are the features that are hard to find in the industry. Unlike our competitors who are big and slow, we are small and fast.”

In addition, August saw the company complete a flare tip replacement on the GDF platform in the North Sea. The old flare tip was lifted from the platform by the FG LAF system and was pulled back inside onto the deck of the rig. The new tip was subsequently launched from the rig deck and lifted into position for installation, all was finished well within the predicted timeframe, much to the satisfaction of the client.

FG International Holland BV has enjoyed growth margins of 50 percent or more year-on-year and this is expected to continue as customers remain satisfied and prices are highly competitive. The company is increasing being recognised as an engineering company that executes, due to the fact that its know-how is incorporated throughout all of its service areas and construction designs.

Frank explains his vision for the future of FG International Holland BV: “We are definitely exploring new areas of special interest and will continue to develop our provision to meet changing demands and need for speed in the oil and gas industry. Though we hold the distinct knowledge that enables us to be so successful, we are also the guys wearing the overalls and getting dirty – it is this combination that is the true value of FG. We want to be considered as a party that you can rely on, especially for flares, tanks and special lifting, due to its experience and flexibility. If we discover a problem, we work until we find a solution because that is what customers want.”

FG International Holland BV

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