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Why choose FMS?
We believe we have the largest inventory of mooring equipment in the North Sea

  • We have one of the modern hire fleets
  • We have experienced and trusted personnel
  • We are in a strong financial position with growth aspirations despite the current environment
  • We offer industry leading competitive rates based on our equipment quality

Since the company was first established during 2009, within the oil industry hub of Aberdeen, UK, First Marine Solutions (FMS) has grown into a trusted energy service and equipment organisation that has delivered mooring solutions to clients on a global basis. Operating as part of the Scottish First Tech group of companies, FMS is able to deliver a comprehensive package of services to the offshore energy market including:

  • Rig moving applications;
  • Mooring equipment rental and sale;
  • Marine and technical consultancy;
  • AHV vessel selection and audits;
  • Survey and positioning services;
  • Mooring line inspection.

“As part of one of the largest privately owned groups of oil service companies in Scotland, we are a customer focused business. FMS is a specialist in providing support to offshore drilling activities for the oil and gas industry globally and our fleet of mooring equipment encompasses the latest design and technology with the most competitive rates available in the industry, putting the most modern hire fleet at our clients’ disposal,” explains General Manager, Brian Reid.

First Marine Solutions maintains an extensive portfolio of mooring equipment, which is available to clients through both rental agreements and direct sale. Its comprehensive package of mooring equipment includes associated components such as drag embedment tools, vertical lift anchors, and mooring chain in grades R4 and R5. These are designed to enable the deployment of systems such as conventional catenary systems, taut systems, inverted catenary systems, as well as composite mooring systems with polyester and wire inserts for MODUs and FSO/FPSOs. Furthermore, through the use of modern dynamic positioning (DP) units, the company can offer innovative thruster-assisted mooring solutions.

When it comes to rig moving operations, FMS develops its safety critical procedures in conjunction with its clients. The company’s tow masters act as Offshore Installation Managers (OIM), while a marine expert is stationed aboard the rigs vessels to provide reliable advice and analysis to the OIM to ensure a smooth and safe rig moving operation. As the rig move service provider, FMS assists its clients and rig owners with a full planning and risk assessment of the operation according to industry legislation, design regulations, guidelines and industry best practice. Based on the findings of this risk evaluation, the company can advise its clients with regards to the actions to be taken in order to control and mitigate any risks that may be associated with the final rig move.

Further to its rig moving and mooring operations, FMS also delivers a full spectrum of spooling and mooring line inspection services. Indeed, the company owns and operates one of the most modern fleet of spooling machines in the UK, comprising 75 tonne and 150 tonne machines that are capable of handling 150 tonnes of wire or fibre rope on a single reel. In addition we have umbilical spoolers and carousels with up to 400t capacity. The spooling machines have been developed in association with leading manufacturers to ensure that the equipment is safe to operate and able to provide the necessary back tension and speed control. All of the company’s equipment is extensively tested for offshore use and is operated by fully trained and experienced personnel.

In terms of its mooring line inspection services, FMS is able to provide a full package of service requirements relating to as-laid review of installed anchors and mooring lines. By utilising its expert in-house personnel along with trusted third party partners, it is able to offer services including:

  • ROV support vessels
  • ROV inspection procedures
  • Expert personnel
  • Review of as-laid mooring lines
  • Conditional analysis of components
  • As-laid anchor position
  • Analysis of findings

The company is also able to offer services should intervention be required post review. “Through a series of long-standing partnerships with vendors, we can provide the best equipment at the most competitive prices. Our highly skilled on-site teams have proven experience in the deployment and recovery of mooring systems in both simple and complicated operating conditions in shallow and deep water,” Brian says. “FMS has delivered these services worldwide for some of the industry’s largest drilling contractors including Transocean & Maersk, oil operators such as Cairn Energy, BP and Total. To support these operations our dedicated team is also on hand to deliver replacement components; specialist vessels; experienced on-site teams; and targeted recovery, change out and deployment procedures.”

First Marine Solutions’ third party partners include the trusted survey and positioning company, Interocean Survey with which it is able to offer a vast range of positioning equipment. “Our equipment is fully owned by FMS and operated by Interocean giving our clients the security of knowing that our provision of survey and positioning equipment and technology is on leveraging its strengths and comprehensive suite of offshore services to further enhance its operations within the North Sea, Canada and Africa, while developing its presence in new markets such as Southeast Asia. “FMS differentiates itself from some of the competition in that we own all of our equipment outright. We have one of the most modern mooring fleets that is fully certified and operational and have invested in a dedicated quayside facility in Montrose Port that offers the rapid mobilisation of vessels, of up to two at a time, at a dedicated deep water quayside with a 8.5 metre draft. With the addition of vastly experienced personnel who know how to work under pressure and to tight deadlines, we offer an unrivalled service to the client,” Brian concludes. “Although conditions are very challenging due the current oil industry downturn, we see opportunities in the growth of floating offshore wind farms and in the maintenance and repair of moorings for FPSOs.”

First Marine Solutions

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