Float on

REC has successfully completed tests to confirm that REC solar panels can be deployed in floating solar installations to the same exacting standards of reliability, performance and quality as on rooftops or in ground-mounted installations. With assured power output and quality of REC panels in floating solar installations, investors and users can rely on long-term performance in these innovative projects with an interesting potential for applications worldwide.

With projects sized from a few kilowatts to several megawatts, floating solar installations can power thousands of households, and enable otherwise underused artificial freshwater bodies to double up as real estate for floating solar installations. In general, various fresh water reservoirs are suitable – wastewater ponds at water treatment facilities and chemical plants, irrigation storage ponds at farms or vineyards, dam reservoirs and aquacultures, all largely available in all countries. In addition, with panels shading the water surface, there is less photosynthesis in the water itself, which means algae to clear from ponds. There is also less evaporation – a welcome benefit for regions with water scarcity issues such as California.

REC also assures quality for floating installations – installation is relatively easy to implement, since the floatation structure can be assembled without heavy-duty equipment.


Issue 123 August 2015