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GCG Shotblasting Services Ltd was founded in 1985 to provide shotblasting and corrosion protection services to the oil and gas industry.

From its base in Peterhead, Scotland the business is today led by managing director Michael Gaffney, the son of one of company’s original founders, giving GCG Shotblasting a reputation of continuity and reliability that continues to define its operations.

Throughout its history the company has been at the forefront of technology and innovation in the field of corrosion protection and coating solutions and is the only company in the world that has been providing Thermal Sprayed Aluminium (TSA) services to the oil and gas industry for in excess of 20 years, making it a world-leader in this area. “Our TSA product is one of the company’s most renowned services,” Michael observes. “Customers today are looking for longevity. When the oil and gas industry first started around 1975-1976 the initial idea was that gas would be in production for 25 years, now projections are for another 20-25 years, which means that there are a lot of aging assets out in operation. TSA is a solution that gives a lifespan of between 20 and 25 years, whereas an epoxy based paint system provides a lifespan of only around ten years.”

As such, during 2014 GCG Shotblasting has continued to support operators in maintaining equipment thus aiding production even while the cyclical nature of the oil and gas sector has lessened the trend for newbuilds in recent years. “Market conditions in 2014 have been steady,” Michael explains. “The second and third quarters have been more focused on brownfield rejuvenation rather than on new fabrications. One of the factors that caused this was the referendum and the uncertainty of Scotland’s future. However, with brownfield rejuvenation there are still plants out there that are working to get the most out of fields and the operators still need to maximise the productivity of their assets, and so that type of business continues even in uncertain times.”

Presently GCG Shotblasting is undertaking a major rejuvenation project with Shell UK at the Mossmorran and St Fergus gas plants in Scotland, primarily using TSA technology. The company is proud to count Shell UK as one of its largest customers as Michael explains: “Shell UK are one of our biggest customers; there are only two companies within the UK that are approved to apply TSA through Shell and we are one of them. We went through a rigorous programme from Shell Global Solutions in order to qualify and apply the process.”

During 2013 the company expanded its service portfolio with the introduction of its PPC 553 coating, which delivers a significantly longer lifespan when compared to existing alternatives and boasts ease of use through its suitability for application at temperature ranging from -5˚c and 40˚c. “We actually launched the product during September 2013 at Offshore Europe and since the launch date the product has generated worldwide interest from customers in America, the Middle and East and Africa to name but a few. During the same year we completed a number of projects for several major oil and gas operators,” Michael reveals. “PPC 553 has many benefits that operators are really starting to realise, such as a lifespan of 40 to 50 years and minimal downtime for application as it dries in only six seconds.”

Furthermore PPC 553 has advantages in that it is an extremely safe and clean technology that contains no VOCs, CFCs or solvents, making it an effective solution that meets the increasing need for environmentally friendly and responsible operation. Additionally it does not crack, split or warp as well as being maintenance free and easy to clean. Operationally PPC 553 reduces sounds and vibrations and can be applied directly to black steel, corroded steel or previously coated steel with minimal surface preparation, further enhancing its speed of application.

Through the continued development of new services like PPC 553, GCG Shotblasting is able to maintain its market-leading position and ensure that it is on hand with the right solutions to support its clients in operating as effectively as possible. “Research and development is essential whether it is in delivering new technological advances or in addressing customer requirements,” Michael enthuses. “It is vital for a company like ourselves, which needs to keep up to speed. We are essentially not just here to provide a service – we are also here to provide solutions.”

Throughout the rest of 2014 and beyond GCG Shotblasting will be focused on increasing its presence in its newest market, Africa, where it has recently won its first contract. The region is noticeably emerging as an important area of opportunity for the company as Michael concludes. “We have just returned from a trip to West Africa, Nigeria in particular, where, as the oil and gas industry hasn’t been operating as long as it has in the North Sea, some of the assets are close to ten years old. Operators are unaware of the technology that has been developed in the North Sea or they haven’t seen it, so it has never been used. Our first contract in Nigeria starts in November this year where we will be applying TSA and some of our specialist coatings as well as training the local staff in new technology advances.”

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