Gulf Drilling & Maintenance Company

Slick operation

Established in 1982 to service the petroleum and water sectors, the early activities of Gulf Drilling & Maintenance Company included water well drilling and related operations, primarily slickline services.

However, the company quickly evolved and expanded, introducing coiled tubing services along with pumping and filtering capabilities. Other services followed and, currently, GDMC is a fully integrated oilfield service operator, with a pronounced emphasis on safety and the environment.

To maintain only the highest levels of service within the organisation, GDMC runs a variety of training and safety programmes, which ensure operations are performed safely and according to the highest international standards. This works in line with a very detailed HSE Management system and the company’s safety policy statement.

This statement reiterates the importance of health, safety and the environment for the welfare and morale of all personnel and also as a contributing factor to corporate growth.

All GDMC personnel have to comply with the following code of conduct:

  • Accept that everyone  has a duty and responsibility for safety of their self and others
  • Enhance safety consciousness and knowledge through continuous education, training and monitoring
  • Establish safety regulations and comply therewith to eliminate unsafe activities and procedures
  • Assess every possibility of accidents and take all precautionary measures
  • Create a hazard free and clean work environment
  • Promote interest and enthusiasm in safety efforts through recognition of safety performance
  • Apply the best practicable way to protect the environment from the adverse effects of operations

As a result of its dedication, GDMC has won many awards for its safety records and for hours of operation without lost time and accidents.

The various offerings from GDMC that are covered by this HSEQ mantra include slickline services, where the organisation operates a large fleet of slickline trucks with a wide variety of tools for standard jobs in 2 3/8″ and 3 1/2″ tubing.

Logging services (open hole and cased hole, production logging and perforations) also constitute a major part of GDMC’s business and in this area the business’ experienced crews provide customer needed services in open and cased hole and production logging, using reliable and high quality equipment from oilfield reputed tool manufacturers. Field interpretations are also available and more advanced and comprehensive log data evaluation and interpretations are performed in association with reputable data processing partners. GDMC also caters for clients’ perforation needs, be it through electrical line or tubing conveyed.

The next major area of expertise for GDMC is well intervention services, and this covers coiled tubing and pumping and cementing operations. In fact, the company describes itself as a ‘one stop’ for its customers’ cementing needs.

Production testing services such as GOR, long and short term testing with DST and early production facilities are also available from GDMC, which operates a conventional, fully computerised, separator based, fleet of well test units. Its separators’ enhanced design sets them apart from the other conventional separators, providing superior production rates measurements, a wide range of intervals specific to each application and makes them suitable for a full range of gas/oil ratio, pressure and flow rates measurements.

GDMC Strategic plan 2020
Early in 2015 GDMC started its strategic plan for expansion vertically and horizontally by adding new business lines to the company portfolio by making alliances with some international companies. The new business lines added to GDMC portfolio included drilling, workover, waste management, soil remediation, and material supply.

Following GDMC’s expansion plan, the company established new branches in Saudi Arabia (Al-Khobar), south of Iraq (Basra) and Oman (Muscat).

Following Kuwait Oil Company’s (KOC) strategic plan for production enhancement and challenges solution, GDMC offered many technologies to KOC in co-operation with international companies in order to meet KOC targets.

The technologies supplied included permanent stimulation completion technology, direct drive oil pumping unit (ro-motor pump), water shut off technology, gun powder technology/heavy oil production, powerwave technology/production enhancement and wellbore cleaning, smart water technology and others.

Finally, GDMC can provide a range of asset management services, including wellhead maintenance services, valve maintenance & repairs and corrosion studies. Furthermore, along with service partners, it also offers a corrosion monitoring program to maximise inhibitor deployment procedures, a leak detection and repair service and production tubing scanning on the fly.

As GDMC moves towards the future, the ISO 9001 registered company will endeavour to continue to maintain excellence in all areas of operation, by using state-of-the-art equipment and complying with international standards, diversifying the scope of its activities through research and development, and always ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Gulf Drilling & Maintenance Company

Services: Coiled tubing, well stimulation, well testing, slickline, cementing, wellhead maintenance, drilling, workover, waste management, soil remediation and new technologies.