On solid ground

An industry leader and expert in the provision of heavy industry scaffolding, temporary roofs and buildings, HAKI has, for the last two years, been on a steady path of growth following the damage done to the industry by the recession of 2009:

“Although company turnover for the years of 2009 and 2010 was down in comparison to that of 2007, results were still very positive in light of the economic crisis,” explains Morten Johansen, managing director of HAKI. “The goal for 2011 is to achieve a 25 per cent increase on the previous years’ figure and thus far the year has played host to some positive results. This gives the company the opportunity to look more closely at several interesting markets and what can also be seen is the fact that HAKI’s share in the oil and gas market is still on the up.”

Beginning life in the 1950s as a small blacksmith company, HAKI has built up over 60 years of experience and expertise to become internationally recognised in the building and construction, processing, shipyard and offshore industries. Operating in all four corners of the globe, from Europe and the US to the Middle East and China, HAKI works closely alongside its clients to provide complete scaffolding systems and all the necessary products and accessories that contribute towards achieving the highest levels of safety, whilst maintaining a degree of cost efficiency.

“The most important aspect of the company that makes it so successful is that it offers a complete, total concept,” Morten highlights. “Under one roof HAKI is able to provide all the relevant documentation and support needed to complete a specific project to excellent quality standards and at the right price. HAKI is officially the oldest producer still in existence in the field of scaffolding and the reason for this is the fact that it is highly respected and boasts a proud history of successfully completing projects.”

HAKI’s range of scaffolding includes HAKI Universal, Ram, Stair Tower, Tripod, Lattice Beam and Safety, all of which are able to work in conjunction with one another and meet the strictest of European standards and directives: “Over the last 50 years the company has developed dozens of applications designed especially for use in ship yards and for the oil and gas industry,” Morten states. “Back in the 1960s when ship yard activity was huge in Europe, HAKI was the largest producer of scaffolding to the yards and what it was able to do was bring all of this experience across to the oil and gas sector when it began to dominate the region in the early 1970s.

“Today the company also provides suspended scaffolds, water scaffolds, lead protection systems and in 2010 launched a new system called HAKI Light. A steel structure boasting the same degree of strength as most of the other HAKI systems, HAKI Light comes with a weight matching that of the company’s aluminium applications. This quality is one of the reasons why HAKI Light has been particularly well received since its unveiling and in the months to come it will be rolled out into different market sectors where it can be utilised just as proficiently.”

A more recent development is the construction of a new depot in Northern Norway: “The building of the new depot comes directly as a result of the increase in oil and gas activity, both in the region and throughout the world,” Morten says. “The area where the depot is based is right at the heart of the shippassage that sees vessels making the journey from China into the Atlantic Ocean. This is one reason why HAKI wants to have a focus on this particular location, the other being the increase in business that is expected to come from Russia and the Baltic states over the next decade. HAKI in Norway, on behalf of the global group, will soon begin fronting all of its worldwide oil and gas operations and therefore having a strong, sustained presence in the country will prove very important.

“Taking its experience and extensive knowledge, and coupling it with the strong synergy that exists between it and its sister companies throughout the world, HAKI now has every intention of increasing its market share within the oil and gas sector, in the North Sea and beyond. With the depot now being built, new applications in the pipeline and the oil and gas industry returning to pre-recession levels of activity there is little doubt within the company that the name HAKI will be around for many more years to come.”

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