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Hatenboer-Water is one of the world’s leading experts in the design and installation of total water production and treatment installations including related services.

Safe drinking water is essential on board ships and offshore installations, however, due to stagnation and insufficient temperature control within pipe systems, the quality of water can be damaged. This causes contamination of the water supply, which can be a serious health risk. Hatenboer-Water provides safe drinking water on board from production to consumption.

Guy Heijnen, manager of sales at Hatenboer-Water, gives more details on the company’s range of processes and treatment techniques: “In terms of the oil and gas sector, we have a full programme that provides services for the offshore and maritime markets, including seawater desalination systems. For reliable potable water, a heavy-duty design allows the system to operate in a rough offshore environment. The systems are designed and built in our own workshops, drawing on over 100 years of experience in the industry. Presently hundreds of them are operational in offshore maritime applications.

“Once the customer has the water and it is produced, we provide a plug-and-play module for hot and cold potable water to ensure reliable and safe water onboard. From there we consider systems to pressurise onboard water through treating, disinfecting and heating. We build this system in a skid so that yards and owners can save time on installation onboard vessels and can then fit it to any application that they want.”

The business supplies the best possible solutions for numerous applications, guaranteeing that the water is free from all forms of dangerous bacteria. Its comprehensive scope of supply consists of everything from silver sterilisers, water softeners and mineralisers, filters and filter materials to test kits and analysis equipment, and spare parts and consumables, all stocked in a well-utilised warehouse.

Since 2008, Hatenboer-Water has been a member of a joint venture called Kronios. Together the companies in Kronios have more than 400 years experience in the preparation of drinking water and all technical components that are necessary for this process. Kronios is not a company in itself, but the trademark of a unique partnership between the five companies – Hatenboer-Water, Minks Kunststoftechniek, Econosto, Georg Fischer and Kemper. Hatenboer-Water has an essential role in Kronios and is the main point of contact.

The key objective of Kronios is to ‘always provide clean drinking water’. Kronios provides complete systems engineering, from water production to the end user, and everything in between. Kronios designs and builds the entire potable water system on board ships, yachts, navy vessels or offshore installations and it only uses advanced water production practices from Hatenboer-Water, such as reverse osmosis or evaporation.

Guy gives a few more details on the techniques Hatenboer-Water uses: “Disinfection is of course a cure but to initially prevent problems is even better. To do this we look at a clients’ piping, assessing corrosion and bio-film prevention, two factors that make water less healthy and at more risk of contamination. We have a team available to come onboard for a potable water risk management service, and here our consultants will make a management plan, which involves a full scan of their system, followed by us advising the client on any changes that need to be made.” To further support this, the company also provides a worldwide service in sampling and analysis, informing the client of the current bacterial and chemical status of the water. Normally the owners will receive a report that has been interpreted by Hatenboer-Water for them.

Highlighting the strengths of the organisation, Guy continues: “We are a one-stop-shop for all maritime water related questions, not just an RO or UV supplier, we have all relevant equipment available and use only grade-A materials. We ensure that our clients have good drinking water worldwide, meaning that if they do experience any problems, we have a highly skilled team available to visit for sampling, testing, adjustments or major overhauls wherever the vessel or rig may be.”

He also highlights some new developments from Hatenboer-Water: “We launched our own UV disinfection line, Demitec UV in 2009, which is approved by NIPH. It can be used in even the strictest surroundings in the Norwegian part of the North Sea. Next to UV, Hatenboer-Water applies copper-silver ionisation onboard. Currently the product can be used for Legionella prevention in the health care market and has no applications in the maritime market, so this is an area that we are looking to progress in. We have applied it a few times and it shows promising results, especially in older or contaminated systems.”

Guy concludes by explaining the company’s strategy for future success: “We have always opted for slow controlled growth of around ten to 20 per cent annually. We achieve this through setting a strong foundation and choosing good quality suppliers, so that we can assure good solutions are available wherever the location may be. This is an approach we want to continue with, so that in five years from now we can be 50 per cent bigger.”

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