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Since its establishment in 2002, HDM Group of Companies (HDM) has developed a global client base and an average turnover of $100 million, with an extensive annual growth rate over the last six years. Focused on the production of steel pipe solutions, the group has two factories strategically located in Turkey and another in Cardiff, UK; the locations in Turkey enable the organisation to export 100 per cent of its products across the globe, with Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and North America key growth areas, while the Cardiff factory was established to cement closer relationships with its growing client base.

Discussing the two business lines within the group is Ozgur Fidanoglu, Chief Executive Officer at HDM Group of Companies: “For our global foundation pipe solutions business alone, we have a unique facility in Mersin Free Zone Port, where we focus on the production of tailor-made foundation pipe solutions. We can produce up to 4m OD, 35mm wall thickness and 63m length combi-wall piles with special coatings and special design attachments such as clutch, pile shoes, rings welding and so on. We are immensely proud of the extensive track record in global foundation solutions that we have earned over the years, which only continues to grow. Within this business line we have grown an extensive track record for delivering foundation products to LNG and storage terminals, container terminals, refinery terminals, petrochemical plant terminals, crude oil loading terminals and ports, piers and harbours.”

He continues: “For the hollow section and ERW pipe solutions business line, we have our facility in Cardiff, which is based in ABP docks and focuses on the UK demand for hollow section and ERW pipe solutions; our services are delivered to industries in the UK such as construction, fencing and manufacturing. Within this business line we produce tubes from 19mm up to 120mm; these are round square, rectangular tubes made of S325, S275, S355 hot rolled coils as well as galvanised, hot rolled, pickled oiled, cold reduced, aluminised type coils. Our main customers include stockholders, solution providers to different industries and end users that are active in the UK.”

Since it was established in April 2013, HDM’s Cardiff facility has developed a strong presence in the market and reached 15 per cent market share in the last three years. Although the UK steel industry has faced challenges during this period, HDM maintains its focus on growing the business in the UK with further expansion plans coming up in June 2016. “We will be launching a new spirally welded large diameter pipe production facility in June this year and are currently in the process of installing the equipment. This will enable us to serve to foundation and construction industries in our Cardiff, ABP docks facilities and also produce and ship long piles in front of our factory to the UK, Ireland, Europe South and North America.”

Meanwhile, the group’s other facility in Turkey, HDM Spiral, initially focused on the delivery of a mobile mill concept for foundation projects in Turkey, as Ozgur notes: “We have developed our own solution to install a mobile mill at the project site for the production of long and heavy piles at the terminal project site; this has enabled our customers to benefit from huge logistic costs.” Having developed this concept, the company has completed more than 200,000 metric tonnes of pile production throughout its first ten years in operation.

With a production capacity of 100,000 metric  tonnes at the Mersin Free Zone spiral mill, 40,000 metric tonnes at Gemlik spiral mill and existing 50,000 metric tonnes of hollow section at its Cardiff facility – alongside the extra 40,000 metric tonnes of spiral capacity at its new Cardiff facility, space and location is never a problem for the group when it comes to meeting the needs of customers. “We believe in the right positioning of the right products in the right markets with the right cost structure,” highlights Ozgur. In addition to this, the group also benefits from being able to produce its own machinery and equipment, which enabled growth in the short term when it was first established.

Strengths such as strategic thinking, vast capacity and modern facilities have resulted in an extensive number of notable projects for the group, as Ozgur states: “Some of our key projects over the past five years include delivering 55,000 metric tonnes of piles to DSTC/GS Engineering for the Ruwais refinery expansion project in Abu Dhabi; we also delivered 14,200 metric tonnes of piles to Saipem SA for the Port of Sohar in the UAE. Furthermore, we delivered 13,000 metric tonnes of piles to Arcelor Mittal Projects for the Republique Libanaise Gestion et exploration du port de Beyrout project; Arcelor Mittal Projects is a leader of foundation projects that has an extensive knowledge and strong global network as well as leading sheet pile production capabilities, it is one of our main customers.”

With the establishment of a new facility coming up over the coming months, HDM will seek to strengthen its leading position in the foundation pipe market while also sustaining its UK based hollow section business. Looking further ahead, the group’s plans for continued success are concise yet clear, as Ozgur concludes: “We aim to protect our existing global leading position in the foundation pipe market, grow our UK based production business and become a long-term partner for our clients.”

Should you require more information from HDM Group of companies, contact: Ozgur Fidanoglu at ozgur.fidanoglu@hdmtubes.co.uk

HDM Group of Companies

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