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HVAC as a lifestyle choice

Established almost half a century ago in the Netherlands, Heinen & Hopman Engineering is a family business known for its highly sophisticated HVAC systems.

The company is the first port of call for top superyacht builders, serves commercial shipping and navy clients around the world, and is widely recognised as an innovative partner for oil and gas concerns seeking optimal conditions on rigs and vessels. Now a new global strategy combined with an enhanced commitment to eco-friendly solutions is set to bring further recognition to this iconic brand.

“Whichever sector they are active in – from computers to hamburgers – the challenge for companies is to ensure that their brands are recognisable and memorable,” says Heinen & Hopman director Joep Hopman with conviction. “They should be seen as lifestyle experiences and choices, not products. And this message needs to be communicated in the right way while also being proven in practice in the everyday lives of those who rely on these systems for safety and comfort.”

Broad portfolio
Hopman and the circa 1500 other experts who work for Heinen & Hopman certainly have an impressive portfolio of systems and solutions to offer. Over the decades the company has consistently set the standard for the design and manufacture of HVAC products in standard and bespoke designs, produced in a variety of sizes, models and capacities.

“The synergies that result from being involved in several maritime sectors have been a key factor in our success to date” adds Hopman. “Our ability to deliver first-class products and solutions has driven Heinen & Hopman’s reputation. But it has been largely through word of mouth recommendations and our commitment to long-term customer relationships that we have been able to diversify in this way.”

Brand awareness
With expansion comes increased competition, and to accelerate the rate of its growth Heinen & Hopman has identified a need to increase its brand awareness within the global market in a more structured manner. “Those who put quality first and want the best for their staff will eventually find their way to our doors, but our goal is to make the road there shorter and more easily signposted,” continues Hopman.

“Take, for example, the new generation of our battery powered temporary refuge ventilation units for offshore applications. The TR unit is currently being subjected to a stringent testing regime at Camfil in Sweden and will be launched in May. Such an innovative solution that could offer benefits to so many in the oil and gas industry must receive the exposure it deserves.”

Looking the part
A new marketing and communications strategy has been created that takes fully into account the rapid pace of technological developments and the need to have an identity that sets Heinen & Hopman apart from its competitors (Hopman calls it “looking the part”). A uniform, consistent identity and communication style is being rolled out and the strategy involves much more than words alone: it will go hand in hand with an ongoing extension of Heinen & Hopman’s global network of offices, agents and sales and after-sales centres. In addition to the company headquarters in the Dutch town of Bunschoten- Spakenburg and a branch in Rotterdam, there are Heinen & Hopman subsidiaries in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Turkey and the United States.

The latest addition to the network is in the UAE. Based in Dubai, CASP has been a specialist supplier of HVAC for marine, offshore, oil and gas, industrial and commercial applications since 1988. Just like Heinen & Hopman, it offers complete solutions that are tailor-made to client requirements and budget.

Innovation matters
In addition to physical expansion to support customer requirements wherever they may be, Joep Hopman also emphasises the vital importance of innovation. “The continuous development of our client relations and our company partly depends on enhancing products, services and operational processes. Innovation is crucial to keep our expertise in the field of climate control up to par, and maintain our leading edge. This is why we continuously develop our knowledge and pass it on to our clients. Heinen & Hopman’s vision on innovation is based on the conviction that we need to find creative and sustainable ways to face future challenges and client demands.”

Ecologically responsible
This thinking extends to the ever more relevant issue of the environment. As a nation the Netherlands has long been a forerunner in the fight to protect our planet from unnecessary harm, and Heinen & Hopman has been a leader in this respect both within its home country and across its worldwide market.

“Heinen & Hopman products and systems have a reach that spans land and sea and we are genuinely concerned with adapting our solutions both for ourselves as residents of Planet Earth and the marine ecosystem,” Hopman explains. “There is also a business side to this as many of our customers are also very keen to act – and be seen to act – in an ecologically responsible manner.”

Green manifesto
Heinen & Hopman’s mission and vision is therefore for a large part focused on the twin tenants of sustainable innovation. Its ‘green manifesto’ aims to increase awareness within the industry of the importance of environmentally sound solutions. The green manifesto logo appears on Heinen & Hopman’s sustainable products and systems as well as information collateral.

The dedication to providing sustainable solutions begins within the company’s offices and the general day-to-day running of the business and its assets. For example, geothermal energy is used within the firm’s HQ and it strives to recycle whenever possible. Video conferencing is efficiently employed to allow communication between the company and its affiliates and avoid unnecessary travel, while Heinen & Hopman service and company cars are being replaced by electric vehicles wherever possible.

When it comes to ‘in the field’, Heinen & Hopman’s line of Eco-Logic products and systems provides customers with the opportunity to lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Other eco-friendly solutions include energy recovery from cooling water, choosing the best type of compressor, drives and so on, the smart design of HVAC spaces, efficient ventilation solutions, and savings on operational and maintenance costs.

“From now on our green philosophy will be shared across all communication platforms including the website, advertisements and brochures,” concludes Hopman. “This will further increase awareness of how Heinen & Hopman is investing in a better and more efficient tomorrow.”

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