Hempaline Defend makes the grade at Shell storage depot in The Netherlands

Shell Nederland operate a large fuel storage depot in Arnhem distributing fuel to gas stations throughout The Netherlands. With a number of storage tanks on site, regular maintenance to protect against corrosion is essential. In this instance, they required an internal lining for their Tank 214.

Poor linings can result in substantial losses due to asset downtime as tanks and vessels are left out of action as a result of corrosion. It was essential that the tank was protected with a coating that would perform exceptionally with extremely corrosive contents, whilst maximising the assets lifetime and minimising downtime.

Originally the project was set to be completed with another lining, but ultimately it was Hempaline Defend 630 Cure 72 Epoxy that was used. A proud moment for us, as it was the first ever application in The Netherlands for our new tank lining.

Hempaline Defend, trusted in challenging environments
The challenge
Shell Nederland needed an anti-corrosive protective coating for a single tank at their Arnhem based fuel storage depot.

As the project was to line a storage tank where extreme corrosion was highly likely to occur a robust solution was required. This was due to the volatile contents that are regularly stored within.

The solution
After originally specifying a different product the client chose Hempaline Defend 630 Cure 72 Epoxy as it was better suited for the project.

Our outstanding Hempaline Defend linings provide advanced protection against abrasion, high temperatures, pH swings and a wide variety of chemicals and solvents. This gave our customer the assurance that their asset would be protected with a proven, long lasting protective coating. In addition, Hempaline’s rapid cure system meant that downtime would be minimal.

This was the first time that our new tank lining was used within The Netherlands. After a successful application, we were delighted to be chosen as the coatings supplier for a second tank in 2017.

At a glance
Customer: Shell Nederland
Contractor: Bilfinger Brabant Mobiel BV
About: The Netherlands arm of the global energy and petrochemicals company.
Shell Nederland is responsible for storing and distributing fuel
Coatings system: Hempaline Defend 630 Cure 72 Phenolic Epoxy
Total: 200 litres

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