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Acting as a reliable partner in the design and manufacture of cargo handling, motion control and monitoring systems since 1949, Hoppe Bordmesstechnik is today recognised as an expert provider of vessel measurement solutions, integrated control products and graphical user interfaces that allow for intuitive control.

When one Hans Hoppe first founded it more than six decades ago the company specialised in power utilisation measurement systems and navigational equipment. Now, in 2012, while the basic focus of the business remains mostly unchanged, it has gone on to benefit from substantial investment and ongoing research and development in its product portfolio.

Hoppe Bordmesstechnik’s complete equipment range includes various cargo handling, motion control and monitoring system technologies, each of which is carefully produced to all the necessary accredited industry requirements. In recent months the company has continued to make strong headway with the development of a number of different solutions, from anti-rolling systems to top-up metre systems and fuel consumption monitoring products: “The continuing demand for such products is coming predominantly from those operating within the offshore sector,” states Max Kommorowski, sales director of Hoppe Bordmesstechnik. “These systems are still proving to be invaluable tools that can be installed on a number of different vessel types, from platform supply vessels and crane vessels to offshore construction and pipe laying vessels”

The three words, quick, punctual and reliable are key to today’s container shipping market and thus make up the guideline of Hoppe Bordmesstechnik’s services. Providing complete customer service support is a top priority and the company’s support programme includes fault analysis, assistance in finding said faults, cause investigation and crew training. Regular maintenance, modification and installation work are also essential components of any servicing commitment and this is not simply limited to Hoppe products, but also includes general electric and electronic equipment and ship installations.

One of the company’s main focuses at present centres on the development of a series of market leading anti-rolling systems. The MOCON anti-rolling system has been specifically developed to reduce the roll motions of vessels at sea. Based on the Flume Tank System (which was acquired at the beginning of 2011) and on a U-shaped tank system, which is equipped with monitoring and control equipment, the tank water oscillation is energised by the roll movement of the ship itself. This oscillating tank water is counteracting the ship’s roll motion and thus stabilising the vessel. A self-controlled system boasting automatic safety procedures in case of malfunction, the MOCON system has been designed in such a way that the results of data input to system control from the monitoring of tank water oscillation and ship roll movement always ensures optimised control and the best level of efficiency.

The company’s high degree of experience in the use of measurement and control products form the basis of the MOCON system, with the utilisation of components that have been proven to be of the utmost quality ensuring a safe, reliable service. The product’s control system combines the continuous measurement of dynamic tank levels with the ship’s roll movement to provide a proportional water flow control. This dynamic system ensures a harmonic tank water oscillation that consequently provides the vessel with a more harmonic roll motion. Such has been the success of its anti-rolling systems that Hoppe Bordmesstechnik now finds itself in conversation with several parties that are interested in applying this technology to larger container vessels, a concept that the company has begun carrying out investigations into.

Although keen to highlight the fact that one of the key reasons behind the company’s success stems from its production of quality, reliable products from its base in Hamburg, Germany, Max explains how the most important geographic regions when its comes to its future growth are somewhat further afield: “Markets such as Singapore, China and Korea remain a stable source of income for Hoppe Bordmesstechnik, the medium to long term prosperity of the business will come from focusing on the world’s fastest growing regions, Brazil and India for example.

“By increasing its presence and sales levels in such countries the company is convinced that it will be able to retain and even increase its share of the markets it is active in. While it is almost inevitable that the years ahead will also bring a number of ups and downs, with a combination of continued investment in products and quality processes, Hoppe Bordmesstechnik can go from strength to strength.”

Hoppe Bordmesstechnik
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