How Coryton Advanced Fuels is pioneering the path to a cleaner future 

A renowned provider of bespoke fuels, Coryton Advanced Fuels Ltd (Coryton) is dedicated to driving progress on a global scale. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, the company offers specialized fuel solutions to its visionary partners spanning diverse industries. Thanks to its impressive capabilities, the company can produce anywhere from ten liters to millions of liters of any specific product. Fueling the future, Coryton crafts over 4000 distinctive blends annually, amounting to a staggering total of more than 14 million liters of bespoke fuels. The company’s reach extends across the globe, ensuring that its cutting-edge fuel formulations contribute to advancements in various sectors worldwide. David Richardson, Business Development Director, shares Coryton’s history.

Technology, talent, transparency
“Coryton was established in 2010 through the acquisition of our fuel research and blending facility located in the south of England. The following year, we expanded our operations into Europe with the opening of Coryton Germany, enabling us to supply specialist fuels for test and development programs. Subsequently, in 2018, Coryton Korea was launched, thereby granting us access to broader markets. Throughout the years, we have consistently grown our team, fleet, and facilities. With our in-house expertise and fuel analysis capabilities, we quickly cemented our reputation as a leading provider of bespoke fuels. In 2020, Coryton announced its company mission to contribute to building a cleaner future. Two years later, we were acquired by the Lantmannen Group in partnership with Lantmannen Aspen, fostering the development of new sustainable products. Today, driven by this mission, our focus centers on delivering specialized and renewable fuel solutions to a diverse range of forward-thinking customers. In 2021, we introduced our sustainable fuel brand, SUSTAIN, and have since been continuously expanding our product range in this domain,” he begins.

To establish a strong foothold in the competitive energy industry, Coryton has made significant efforts to distinguish itself from other companies. “What sets Coryton apart is the exceptional level of technology, talent, and transparency that our customers can consistently rely on. At Coryton, we combine world-leading chemistry, collaborative partnerships, and innovation to create thousands of unique fuel blends per year. We are dedicated to developing the most advanced fuel technologies globally, and we actively share this innovation with our partners. Moreover, we take immense pride in the processes and products we employ to produce our sustainable fuels. We meticulously scrutinize every step of production from the traceable feedstocks we utilize to the labeling of our products. We maintain transparency in our operations because we believe it is crucial to our responsibility to the environment and the wider world. As a result, we can confidently offer market-leading fuels that excel in performance, price, and their ability to make a positive impact in the fight against climate change,” highlights David.

A cleaner future
Moving on, David offers his insights on how companies within the fuel industry can work together to create more environmentally friendly options. “Undoubtedly, investing in the innovation and expansion of sustainable fuel solutions is crucial for our progress. Sharing best practices and expertise across the industry will also contribute to achieving a greener future. However, our efforts must extend beyond the development and production of sustainable fuels. Indeed, we also need to collaborate to bring society along on this journey. From members of the public to politicians, there is still a significant amount of misunderstanding and confusion surrounding the available sustainable fuel options. To move beyond the simplicity of electric vehicles and their lack of tailpipe emissions, we must communicate our message clearly and collectively. It is our responsibility to educate people about the opportunities and challenges associated with a realistic implementation of sustainable fuels. By doing so, we can establish trust from the outset and ensure that everyone benefits from our collective efforts as an industry,” he states.

Delving deeper into the challenges faced by the sustainable fuel industry, David explains how Coryton is working to overcome them. “I believe the primary obstacle we currently face with sustainable fuels is the lack of understanding and support they receive. Despite being a viable solution with the potential to make a significant impact, sustainable fuels are often overlooked. The problem lies in the current discourse, where we tend to vilify internal combustion engines (ICE) rather than addressing the real issue, which is the fossil fuels powering them. The vehicles we currently own or will acquire before 2035 will remain on our roads for decades to come. Consequently, by solely demonizing ICE engines, we neglect the more sustainable solutions that could drive progress towards our net-zero goals today. Sustainable fuels are already accessible, compatible with our existing vehicle fleet, and have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 80 percent compared to fossil fuels. It’s time to start investing in scaling up the production and introduction of sustainable fuel components into mainstream fuels. This investment is crucial for accelerating progress towards our sustainability goals,” he emphasizes. As a pioneer in specialized and sustainable fuels, Coryton is utilizing its decades of expertise, diverse fuels portfolio, and a range of impressive global partnerships to secure a cleaner future.