Improving performance

Honeywell has announced that Delek Refining, Inc. will use a new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-based Connected Performance Services (CPS) offering to improve the performance of its refinery in Tyler, Texas.

CPS is part of Honeywell’s Connected Plant initiative, which leverages IIoT technologies and Honeywell UOP’s services and domain expertise to improve a broad range of industrial operations from supply chain efficiency to asset optimisation.

Delek will use a CPS solution called Process Reliability Advisor to continuously analyse its process unit performance and detect anomalies, enabling refinery operators to quickly resolve problems and keep the unit operating at peak performance. CPS solutions use Honeywell UOP process and fault models, fed by current plant data, to provide key performance information and process recommendations.

“The Process Reliability Advisor leverages Honeywell UOP’s deep troubleshooting experience and proprietary models to deliver detailed analysis and specific corrective recommendations days or months earlier than has ever been possible before,” said Zak Alzein, vice president for Honeywell UOP’s CPS business. “This will allow Delek to avoid downtime and improve its operations.”

By giving refineries, petrochemical and gas processing plants greater visibility into their operations, Process Reliability Advisor can identify and resolve problems that reduce plant efficiency and productivity. The service finds problems that often avoid detection and hamper production, leading to unplanned shutdowns for maintenance and repair that can cost plant operators millions of dollars per year in lost productivity.