In Brief

Gas deal
CGI has announced the deployment of a new core software platform into GMO NI, the new gas market operator for Northern Ireland. The software application, GTMS Delphi (based on CGI’s in-house Prodis software), is being used by the Gas Market Operator for Northern Ireland (GMO NI) to carry out commercial operations.

GTMS Delphi schedules gas flows and calculates the quantities delivered to each shipper contract, with monthly charges invoiced to each shipper based on the calculations.

Deeper insights
BMT has introduced BMT Deep, an advanced interactive asset data platform designed by offshore marine professionals for offshore marine professionals. BMT Deep delivers deeper insights for enhanced asset performance management and is the product of over 20 years’ practical infield experience in offshore oil, gas and renewables.

Fully customisable, BMT Deep harnesses big data to deliver a clear picture – it can store, manage, integrate, post-process and visualise vast data sets, fast. It’s interactive, intuitive and facilitates the exploration of data – from multiple sensor time series to postprocessed and statistical data, from a single asset or a fleet, throughout its operational history.

German solutions
Max Bögl’s renewable solutions are being considered for implementation in Japan. The country has a large number of suitable inland locations, for which Max Bögl’s Hybrid Tower System with high hub heights is an ideal solution for a good wind yield. There is also a promising market for the Water Battery in the island nation – with this technology regenerative electricity can be stored, making it available again when needed. The Water Battery is also suitable for the various forms of regenerative energies and can ensure grid stability.